10 Ways ConnectWise Improves Cybersecurity for MSPs and their Clients


November 9, 2021

1. Keeps you up to date by empowering you with state of the art tools and the latest, most efficient and effective protection practices. Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving space, so those who fall behind are risking compromises by new types of threats.

2. Unifies and integrates everything under a single platform making it easier to manage, control, and automate. Fragmentation in the technologies deployed and services used in a company always results in time wasting, stress, and higher chances for errors that result in data breaches or other disrupting incidents.

3. Builds upon a realistic risk assessment that is used as a basis for developing a cost-efficient cybersecurity stance plan that precisely matches the client’s needs. Failing to identify existing risks, or addressing non-existent ones is a typical problem in the field, costing money while leaving entities vulnerable to attacks.

4. Get a visual understanding of what’s happening through reports and rich data that depict risks in a more tangible and digestible way. This helps in decision making and prioritization of what needs to be addressed immediately and what is safe for postponement. The human brain works better when stats and numbers are visualized, and this applies to systems, network topology, threat maps, etc.

5. Enjoy the peace of mind of securing all endpoints, constantly monitoring network traffic, and mitigating any incidents. ConnectWise helps to quickly discover new and rising threats thanks to an always-updating rules list and daily added indicators of compromise.

6. Strengthen your security posture with the addition of security layers on top of the prevention measures that are in place. When the defense on the perimeter fails, you always need a secondary mechanism that will help contain the intrusion and mitigate the threat.

7. Get support any time of the day or night with co-managed SIEM solutions and agents that are available to step in 24/7. ConnectWise offers support you can rely on, and offer real aid even when dealing with complicated threats that unfold rapidly on your systems. No more tickets piling up and endless bumps between different agents.

8. Helps you unscramble the mess created by having too many data sources and alerts that cause fatigue and confusion, and delay incident response. Reduce the excess noise thanks to on-the-fly evaluation, and only get alerts for tier-one incidents or whatever suits your needs and matches your response capabilities.

9. Compliance with regulatory requirements becomes streamlined and easy to handle with no risky deviations or shady deductions in what’s covered. Even if you fail to identify a requirement that underpins your operations, ConnectWise experts will consult you on what needs to be done to cover that one too.

10. ConnectWise solutions are competitively priced as they are meant to help you save money through ultimate security protection and the avoidance of costly incidents like data breaches. They are not meant to create a big hole in your economics just to have that requirement crossed off the list.

Stefanie is the Director of Client Success at Integris.

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