12 days of technology, Day 2: Apple Watch Series 2


December 2, 2016

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This holiday season, MyITpros is doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve got 12 awesome gadgets picked out that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season!

What it is: Apple Watch Series 2

Smartwatches aren’t exactly new on the market, but the Series 2 boasts some great new features including built-in GPS, water resistance and a screen that is two times brighter than Series 1’s. You can access all your third-party apps, talk to Siri, customize the watch face and more, making the Series 2 a must-have for any Apple lover!

What’s more, this smartwatch has some serious health and fitness perks.

The GPS lets you leave your iPhone at home, and the watch is also loaded with a heart rate sensor, 12 workout programs with customizable metrics, access to third-party workout apps and smart “coaching” notifications (amongst other things!). It’ll be easy to keep your new year’s weight loss resolution with this strapped to your wrist!

The Series 2 comes with a lot of choices when it comes to case size, material, band and band color, so you can pick the perfect design for any recipient!

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How much it costs: Starts at $369.99

The most basic version of this watch clocks in at around $369. A little hefty, but consider that most Fitbits cost at least half that, and this has so many more features.

Who to buy it for: The active, Apple-loving millennial in your life

The Apple brand embodies hip, innovative and cutting-edge. Have a cool sibling living in Brooklyn and working for a start-up? Or a best friend who’s always traveling for business and loves fitness? Regardless of age or location, any active, on-the go person will love this watch, but especially those trendy millennials looking to stay super-connected all the time.

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