12 days of technology, Day 3: The Tile Slim


December 5, 2017

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The holidays are stressful enough without having to worry about finding the perfect gift for the ones you love. That’s why this holiday season, MyITpros is stepping in and doing all the shopping for you! Whether you’re technically savvy or not, we’ve picked out 12 awesome gadgets that are sure to make you the gift-giving hit of the season.

Check back each day to discover the next perfect present during our 12 days of technology!

What it is: The Tile Slim

Everyone’s had that “Oh my gosh” moment when they can’t remember where they put their most important everyday items, be these keys, their phone or their sunglasses. Instead of wasting precious moments retracing your steps, why not use the Tile Slim? The Slim is the thinnest Bluetooth tracker among a range of Tile products—we’re talking as thick as two credit cards. You simply attach it to your keys, passport, wallet, etc. and download the app to your smartphone.

When you misplace anything that has a Tile attached to it, just open the app to track it down. It will ring if it’s within 100 feet of your location, and there are four ringtones to choose from. You can even leverage the Tile community to help you find your item if it is out of range: Mark it as lost, check the last known location of your Tile on the app and look out for automatic updates when anyone from the Tile community comes within range. But don’t worry about privacy—the Tile contains no personal information, and the other phones that find your Tile do so anonymously! Their owners won’t know who they help, and you won’t know them either.

No maintenance is required, and the Tile is engineered to run for a full year without any upkeep. That means no charging, no batteries, and if you need to upgrade, you can do so at a discount! The best part? The Tile is reversible, meaning that if you lose your phone, you can press the Tile twice to make your phone ring even if it’s on silent. Alternatively, see a map of your phone’s location or prompt it to ring by logging on to the Tile website.


How much it costs: $30 for a single Tile

You can buy each Tile individually for $30, but they are also available in a four-pack for $100 or an eight-pack for $180. Purchase the Tile directly from the product’s website or through Amazon to take advantage of free U.S. shipping or Prime shipping, respectively.

Who to buy it for: The forgetful person in your life

We all know that person who loses everything two seconds after using it and has no time to retrace their steps—and given everything we have to keep track of on a daily basis, it’s no wonder our keys and wallets disappear on us! This handy and affordable gift will bring sanity back to even the most absent-minded person!

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