3 Easy Steps to Protect Your Clients’ Cloud Systems and Virtualized Data


April 20, 2016

Across the IT industry, MSPs are providing valuable services to a wide range of customers, businesses, and institutions, all which have different technical needs and business objectives. However, the one thing in common is the need for strong and secure data backup. That’s why MSPs and associated VARs are constantly seeking the most efficient and reliable method of data backup data through virtualized environments. The good news is that there are clear strategies that can help your MSP provide quality data backup services and protection for business applications in virtualized environments, which will help you deliver the best customer experience possible.


Start by Archiving Data

SpiceWorks indicates that up to 86 percent of all server workloads will be virtualized in 2016, which means many small- and medium-sized businesses are now using this technology to run their companies. As an MSP, the first step in meeting client data backup needs is to start by always bhttps://www.spiceworks.com/marketing/virtacking up all files and folders in a virtual machine (VM) environment. It’s simple, familiar and effective.

Although cloud backups are key, this first step introduces the benefit of a local on-premise backup solution, which allows companies a faster restore option, data protection through offline storage capabilities, and complete control over their data. Your MSP can ensure your client has a platform that allows for automatic data backup at frequent intervals and a long-term retention strategy to ensure companies have data going back for years.

In the event of compromised data or data failure, a local data retention solution also better ensures companies avoid lengthy downloads of key data to get their company’s operations running again.

Protect Business Applications

Business applications are key to every modern operation, and it’s your job as an MSP to limit downtime for applications that your customers now rely on.

First, it’s worth exploring some of the most common configurations MSPs provide. Most applications are running on Microsoft Exchange servers and Microsoft SQL, which are either backed by Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware vSphere. In fact, Gartner hasreported that Microsoft and VMware are the virtualized leaders in the industry. Your customers need you to not only have VM image backups that you generate into a functioning application in a matter of minutes, but this will also become a key selling point for your MSP operation.

In other words, it’s not just about protecting data but also protecting business operations and processes. The best way to make this happen is a hybrid setup that combines a cloud platform for administration and remote oversight on top of an on-premise architecture solution that can quickly redeploy your client’s system when it fails.

To protect against business application failure, you should be backing up every one to five hours, and keep at least two weeks of backup data on hand. That way you can ensure you have a variety of recovery point objectives (RPOs) to restore a system, ensure flexibility and keep storage costs down. No matter what, you need to understand a customer’s needs and be willing to adjust your approach accordingly.

Protect Data in the Cloud

On top of the importance of on-premise data backup, your MSP should be protecting VM data in the cloud with image-based backups. These backups should also generally cover the last 14 days, but every customer will have their own unique demands and desires. Saving VM data in the cloud also provides insurance against natural disasters, which can knock out on-premise data backups for good. They also enable the companies you serve to redeploy their systems at new locations with easy transfer options, ensuring greater flexibility for companies in terms of where they expand or move to.

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