3 ways managed services will make your life worse


July 26, 2017

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At MyITpros, we often hear how pleased our clients are after signing up for managed services, but we can’t always receive positive feedback. Over our 24 years in the business, we’ve learned that managed services can sometimes cause more frustration for users! Check out the most common complaints we’ve heard about managed services.

Unlimited helpdesk services

We’ve all had a computer freeze on us, a printer that won’t print correctly or some other technological headache. Similarly, we’ve all had the pleasure of taking out our frustration on said piece of technology. Slamming our fingers on the keys, kicking the hard drive, shaking the printer and generally beating up our devices is an awesome way to de-stress in general and get in a little cardio while you’re at it!

When you’re a MyITpros managed services client, however, you have unlimited help desk access for all your users. Anytime someone has a problem – from a forgotten password to a frozen screen, and everything in between – they can just call our team of experts to get it resolved. The help desk is always there when you need it, even outside of regular business hours. (In fact, we put a sticker featuring our help desk contact information on every computer at a client’s business, reminding users we’re there for them and encouraging them to call whenever they need help.) As a result, our clients are forced to find alternative ways to de-stress, which we understand can be inconvenient. They may even have to – gasp – go to the gym to beat up an actual punching bag!

24/7 technology monitoring

At MyITpros, we monitor our clients’ technology infrastructure around the clock so existing and potential problems can be resolved before they become major issues. We install software on every piece of equipment to monitor performance, making sure that we see signs of trouble before you do. This type of remote connection can also be used to deploy software, updates or whatever else you need to keep everything running smoothly, and enables reporting through our technology roadmap that assists with managing inventory, security and other aspects of the IT environment.

Sounds good, right? That’s what we thought. But having a healthy network means unexpected downtime and internet outages are a thing of the past. Translation: There’ll be no more days when everyone gets sent home early because they can’t work when everything’s offline. What’s more, our proactive inventory monitoring ensures all your hardware gets updated and replaced on time, so no one can blame a missed deadline on a malfunctioning machine or decide to work from home because their company computer died. This apparently makes a lot of people unhappy. Who knew?

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Purchasing and vendor management

We love that so many of our clients are enthusiastic extroverts who love to talk. A typical small business probably has five to 10 vendors for basic office services like internet, email, phone and so forth, which often leads to a lot of project coordination and troubleshooting. Even more talking is in the cards when buying hardware or software, including getting quotes, placing orders, scheduling delivery and more.

Managed services makes all of this interaction obsolete by managing your tech-related vendors and giving you only one point of contact. It’s a lot more convenient and efficient than trying to juggle multiple vendors, especially when you need to coordinate several vendors at a time. At MyITpros, managing your vendors also means managing your technology purchases at no additional charge beyond the fixed monthly cost per user. Bottom line: We’re taking away a lot of social opportunities by letting our clients focus more on things they need and like to do. We’re sorry!

We’d like to thank all our clients for hanging in when our managed services cause the above problems. If you think you can overlook the always-available help, proactive technology monitoring and efficient vendor management, feel free to contact us today for more information about how we can help your business!

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