Top 5 Benefits to Managed Network Services


January 21, 2021

Every organization has a Local Area Network (LAN). It’s how your company connects to the network – the switches in the closet, the WiFi access points on the ceilings.

Most LANs are set up without much forethought for design or with a plan for ongoing upkeep, monitoring, and maintenance.

Sound familiar? Without a dependable LAN, end-user productivity is at risk. Our Managed LAN Solutions will keep your team working seamlessly and securely.


Here are the top 5 benefits of a high-quality Managed Network Solution:


1. Hardware Refresh and Standardization

Have dusty, old hardware sitting around? Our Managed LAN service offering includes the right-sized hardware as a service. Integris will replace your current hardware, and you can cancel any existing support contracts. We bring everything under our roof with 24/7/365 monitoring and have a process in place for updating and replacing hardware using a best-practices replacement schedule.

It means forever having modern hardware and never having to think about updates or replacements.


2. Network Design Specific to Your Business

Network design is a specialized skill set. In the past, businesses have managed their own LAN networks. But today, networks continue to grow in complexity. Many organizations don’t have this skill set in-house, so they turn external help from network experts.

Designing a LAN is vital to creating a solution both adheres to best practices and meets a business’s unique needs. Our team works closely with yours to get a clear understanding of your goals and business requirements. From there, we’ll create and document a LAN design to be implemented. We pay close attention to WiFi access points because proper placement can mean the difference between a network that works occasionally and one that works by design to enable a predictable network to support your organization’s productivity.


3. Predictability and Reliability

Nobody wants their IT to be a guessing game. Why is the WiFi being funny again? Will I be able to connect today? Do we have enough bandwidth to run the programs and apps necessary to run the business? It’s much better to have a predictable environment at your fingertips. With a reliable network, business growth happens much more smoothly.

If predictability is the core of stability, then proactive maintenance is a must. Scheduled firmware updates and documented change management are absolutely crucial to avoid unexpected downtime. Implementing Integris Managed LAN Solutions offering is a simple and smart way to set your network up for success today and well into the future. Our team of experts will handle the day-to-day network upkeep so you can focus on growing your business.


4. Proactive Network Maintenance and Support

Even the best design is subject to change. Hardware can malfunction, cables can fail or cause errors after exposure to interference, applications or users can misbehave and use too much bandwidth, or your needs can simply adapt over time.

Compudyne’s network team actively monitors hardware and key metrics that impact the end-user experience. Some problems, like a failed switch, are immediately obvious. Other issues are more subtle, like a single access point getting unplugged or a backup using all the available bandwidth. These issues can harm productivity silently.

Our goal is to help your business avoid unexpected downtime. Integris prioritizes proactive maintenance activities, such as scheduled firmware updates and documented change management, all to strengthen your network capabilities.


5. Streamline your IT, Increase Productivity

Technology makes the modern world go round – and it’s an essential part of your business. You rely on the ability to access programs and data at a moment’s notice, and you shouldn’t have to dedicate time to long-term maintenance. You have a business to run, after all. And you shouldn’t have to think about the details of managing technology.

We offer an array of expert services to help teams transform technology into an ongoing operational expense that strengthens a business from the inside out.

We believe that technology should allow you to grow on your terms, not get in the way. It should make you more productive. It should connect you and your team without fail. It should be secure. Our job is to help facilitate all of those things to make your business run more smoothly.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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