5 Reasons Campaign Consultants Should Consider Cloud Solutions


November 3, 2014


Any industry with extreme employee fluctuation would benefit from cloud computing, this is particularly true for campaign consulting firms.

1. Cost to Scale

Two weeks after any election, staff will be reduced to the bare bones of the firm once again. If technology cannot scale easily, the firm will pay for users at the height of hiring, which means paying for users that are not employed year round. Cloud solutions make it easy to add and remove users.

2. Security

Adding and removing users is incredibly costly but firms focused on public affairs may be more concerned with security. There are cloud solutions for smaller firms which still have enterprise-class security and industry-standard encryption. There is plenty of flexibility in what each employee can access and it is just as easy to adjust. Also, removing a former employee’s access to firm materials can be as simple as changing one password.

3. User Experience

The experience for a cloud solution platform is virtually the same from user to user. Because we use so many hosted applications many cloud platforms are also very user intuitive. Whether an employee is a Campaign Manager, Opposition Researcher or Volunteer, the training is the same and communication is simple between job roles.

4.  Remote Employees

It’s impressive to note that campaign consulting firms not only need to shrink and grow dramatically but they also need to be able to take everything, everywhere. Cloud solutions make it easy to access all your programs and files from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection.

5. Device Flexibility

Again, due to the employee fluctuation, device flexibility is a great benefit to campaign consulting firms. Many cloud platforms make using applications and accessing files the same across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Firms can even allow temporary staff to BYOD (bring your own device). This would cut down on excessive hardware spending. However, we do recommend you establish your own BYOD policy.


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