5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT


April 14, 2020

As a smart business owner, you know the importance of spending your money where it counts. This is why many businesses take the time to prioritize what they need and what could be passed on. When it comes to your business’s IT, saving a bit of money here and there can go a long way. However, too many cut corners can lead to bigger problems, expensive repairs, and costly downtime. Wondering how you can save money on IT without creating long-term issues? Here are five proven tips that can help:

1. Don’t Be Afraid of the Upgrade

Older PC’s can run into issues. Slower processors, limited memory storage, and bugs that come up due to incompatibility with newer programs can all cause some major issues. While some people may be resistant to change, don’t be afraid to invest in an upgrade. This can be anything from buying a whole new desktop computer that is built to handle the tasks assigned to it or just investing in better software. While this will take some money, you will see a return on your investment as productivity increases, and your chances of downtime decrease.

If you are still looking to save money on upgrades, consider buying a refurbished computer. Odds are, it will be upgraded and work like new, perfect for those who are looking to stay modern without paying full price.

2. Ensure Your Team Is Being Energy Efficient

Electric bills can be high for companies that rely on technology to get them through the day. If you are finding that your energy costs are high, try making more energy-efficient decisions. Switch to an LED or an OLED monitor that doesn’t require as much energy as LCD or CRT. Enforce rules about turning off monitors and putting workstations to sleep when your employees go home for the day. Also, ensure that all lights in the building are turned off, except for security lighting, at the end of the day to help reduce the amount of wasted energy your company is using. And, if an employee is going on vacation or home for the weekend, make sure that they shut their computers down completely so that energy isn’t being wasted to power something not in use.

3. Stop Dealing With Vendors

One of the most frustrating things an employee can experience is spending lots of time on the phone with a PC manufacturer to fix a computer they need to complete their work. Whether this is due to a crashed hard-drive or a program not working properly, your employees need to be able to get their problems fixed quickly. If they are busy going through the steps with a PC manufacturer, their productivity is taking a major hit. IT support firms such as Integriss Networks build ongoing relationships with PC vendors and manufacturers, allowing our team to get things done faster. This means issues get resolved quickly without your employees getting frustrated trying to troubleshoot them.

4. Cut the Phone Bill

This may sound like a crazy idea, but in reality, small businesses don’t have to throw money at phone companies to ensure that they can be reached by their clients. Instead, switching over to a VoIP (a Voice over Internet Protocol) gives small businesses the ability to transmit calls by sending voice data packets using IP rather than going through a traditional phone company. This has been shown to save small businesses up to 80% on their telephone bill, allowing them to invest that money where they need it most. VoIP systems also allow your users (employees) to use their own phones, answering calls on the go. This gives your business increased flexibility and functionality.

5. Be Proactive About Monitoring and Maintenance

A piggy bank standing on a calculator.

There is always that feeling of, “if I had known that this would become an issue, I would have done something about it” when something goes wrong. When it comes to your IT, you can prevent these surprises. Investing in a professional IT support team, such as the dedicated specialists at Integris, will help you monitor and perform important maintenance to help keep your system up and running all year long. Stop being aggravated over surprise downtimes and stay ahead of problems by investing in a team that puts you first. Integris provides comprehensive and proactive IT monitoring and maintenance to ensure that fewer issues plague your business. When you can count on your IT to support you, you know your company is headed in the right direction.

Contact Integris to learn more about our services and to see how we can help you transform your business. Work smarter, not harder, and save money on your IT by investing in Integris today!

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