6 Tips to Save the Battery Life on Your iPhone with iOS 7


April 3, 2014

battery saving tips iphone 7Apple iPhone with iOS 7 offers an extensive amount of features, however, there’s been a lot of complaints about the mobile operating system’s battery life. Here’s 6 ways to keep iOS 7 devices powered for a longer amount of time:

1.     Stop Background Motion

Apple’s iPhone with iOS 7 has a neat feature called Background Motion, which subtly moves your app icons and background image. While this feature is interesting, it drains the battery. To turn it off, go to Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion, and move the slider to green.

2.     Disable Background App Refresh

The Background App Refresh feature in iOS 7 is designed to automatically update your frequently used apps, however, this feature also drains the battery. To turn it off, go to Settings, General, Background App Refresh, and disable the feature for specific apps or all apps.

3.     Avoid Dynamic Backgrounds

In iOS 7, animated wallpapers were introduced, which move underneath your app icons. These dynamic backgrounds use more battery than a traditional background image. This feature can easily be avoided, just don’t select the Dynamic Backgrounds option in the Wallpapers & Backgrounds menu.

4.     Stop Searching for Wi-Fi

The battery drains much faster when your phone is constantly searching for Wi-Fi networks. To turn the search for Wi-Fi feature off, go to Settings, Wi-Fi, and disable “Ask to Join Networks.” The phone will still connect to familiar Wi-Fi networks, however, it won’t be searching for unknown Wi-Fi networks.

5.     Disable Auto-Brightness

Auto-brightness is often more bright than necessary. To shut it off and save the battery, go to Settings, Wallpapers & Brightness, and disable auto-brightness. Also, turn the backlight down to save more battery life.

6.     Turn Off Location-Tracking

Many apps are tracking your location, which is a threat to your privacy and battery life. To turn location-tracking off, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, and disable certain apps. If you’re worried about losing your phone, keep location-tracking on for important location-based functions, including Find My Phone.

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