7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021…


November 12, 2020

SecurityMagazine.com put up an interesting article this week that includes their TOP 7 cybersecurity predictions for 2021. Besides them stealing one of our marketing tricks (ahem 7 predictions? That’s my bag! ::shakes fist::) it’s worth a read. 

In summary their predictions are:

  1. Remote workers will be the focus of cybercriminals through 2021
  2. Legacy security architecture like VPNs will be the weak link for many organizations
  3. To cope with reduced budgets, CSOs and CISOs will seek convergence across security solutions
  4. The impact of breaches in the healthcare sector may be deadly
  5. Financial organizations beware, more attacks are coming
  6. COVID-19 forced organizations to accelerate digital transformation efforts
  7. The adoption of new technologies and increase in internet users means most of the world’s population is at great risk of data exposure

I tend to agree with this. A lot of blog content over the past 8 months has revolved around these issue. I won’t repost that content here but you can check out a selection of links to previous content below where we talk about a few of these things:

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Carl Keyser is the Content Manager at Integris.

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