Adding Zoom to Outlook


November 4, 2020

Add the ability to schedule Zoom meetings directly in outlook


Adding Zoom Meetings to Outlook

Need to schedule a Zoom meeting? Outlook offers the ability to schedule them directly in their platform. Learn how to do so whether you use outlook for desktop or for the web.

Outlook Desktop

Open outlook. Go to the calendar and the new meeting

Go to the Zoom add-in settings and sign in

Once signed in, follow the prompts and click “add Zoom Meeting”Finish the invite, and send

For more information on adding Zoom to outlook for desktop visit

Outlook Web (OWA)

Sign into and go to outlook

Go to the calendar section:Make a new eventIn the new event window, click on the three dots -> Zoom -> add a zoom
meetingAllow Zoom to display a new window. Sign into Zoom with your zoom account to proceed.

For more information on adding zoom to outlook for web visit

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Nia Morris is a Senior Marketing Specialist for Integris.

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