Are Misconceptions About Cloud Computing Holding Your Business Back?


May 7, 2013

Some news stories promote misconceptions that cloud computing is a risky, unreliable way of storing and using IT data.  But IT professionals know different.  They know that cloud computing is very reliable and a great way to make your company’s IT infrastructure more agile and cost effective.

Cloud computing allows you to share computing resources rather than using local servers or personal computers to store and access data and software applications.  When you rely on the cloud you don’t need to purchase expensive computers, networking equipment or software licenses. But some companies, operating under misconceptions about the cloud, still refuse to take advantage of its obvious benefits.  By doing this they’re actually compromising their efficiency, mobility, profitability and longevity.    

Seven Misconceptions About Cloud Computing

1. It’s a Trend

Some believe that cloud computing is just the latest trend. They believe they don’t need the cloud to operate their business; but in reality if they’re using things like social media, eBay, online backing or Gmail—they are relying on cloud computing.

If you’ve dismissed cloud computing because you think it’s just a passing trend, this misconception will cost you greatly; you’ll be paying top dollar for the hosting and upkeep of your data, and you won’t be able to compete with other businesses like yours that use cloud computing.

2. It’s Expensive

No one can deny that there are costs associated with switching to the cloud, but in the long term, it’s going to remove the requirement for management and upkeep of an IT network and will save you money.

3. It’s Meant for Big Companies

Solutions like virtual desktop infrastructure help any sized business reduce their expenditures by allowing them to avoid the need for costly software licenses.

4. It Isn’t As Secure As Conventional Data Servers

Cloud computing is a very safe way to secure your data. Despite the media spreading stories about the unreliability of cloud computing, it can actually add security to your IT infrastructure.

A cloud-based encryption software and management service allows you to surround your data with additional, up-to-date security.  With companies experiencing computer breaches, it’s imperative that you use the most currently available security software.  With cloud computing you won’t need to constantly purchase this software.

5. It’s Complicated

Many people think that cloud computing is too complex to execute without compromising their productivity.  They think that it will take time away from the tasks they need to accomplish.  But your company can select a type of cloud computing that meets your needs and is simple for staff to use.

6. If the Internet Goes Down, The Cloud Will Be Useless

This is true, but if you think your Internet connection might vulnerable, you can prepare to have a backup connection with a different provider.   In any case, it’s unlikely that your business would be operating without a ‘safety net’ connection.

7. Changes Are Technical Rather Than Strategic

The cloud isn’t simply a matter of applying technological changes to your company, plans should be set up to incorporate cloud processes – both staff-derived and strategic. The cloud aligns both technology and corporate strategy, making it an excellent way to utilize all the commodities that are available to your company, along with your internal resources.

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