Are You Taking Advantage of Microsoft Lync 2013?


July 17, 2013

Microsoft Office programs can be found in businesses throughout the world, and their subscription-based cloud service Microsoft Office 365 – is increasing in popularity with  clients daily.  The success of Office 365 has been phenomenal and it’s Microsoft’s fastest-growing product—growing in use by over 150 percent in just the past year. When Microsoft Office 365 was released two years ago, it included hosted versions of Lync, however to date it’s being underutilized.

Microsoft Lync is an instant messaging client for businesses that combines video conferencing and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) abilities providing a cost-efficient, effective communication medium that can be used anywhere on most any device as long as there’s an Internet connection. There are many benefits to using Lync that you should consider:

  • Lync provides multi-device/multi-platform mobility.   Lync uses multi-platform programs with applications for Android, Windows Phone, Apple iOS, and programs for both Mac and Windows. It’s compatible with other platforms as well, so you can hold a videoconference with people who use systems other than yours; nearly any system can be used to participate in Lync conferences.  This means that when your staff is at home or traveling, you can still conference with them on their personal devices as long as they have an Internet connection.
  • Lync provides high-definition (HD) capability. 
When video conferencing, you need to be able to clearly see your participants, and for them to see you and what you’re presenting. Lync 2013 supports 1080p high-definition video that provides a clear, crisp picture.  It also uses a standard video coding and decoding, so HD conferencing is available on almost any device with HD capabilities. It’s particularly helpful when presenting webinars, where you’re sharing content, charts or graphics on your screen with others.
  • It’s accessible on the Web. Microsoft Lync 2013 comes with a Web version that allows you to use it from any browser. You can join meetings and conversations from your browser and still have access to Lync’s other features including HD video, instant messaging and VoIP.
  • Lync has improved teleconferencing abilities. 
Because Lync 2013 is integrated into other Office programs, you can schedule a videoconference on your Outlook calendar and send invitations out all your participants without leaving your calendar screen. Participants will receive a reminder, and a link that they can click on before the conference begins. They won’t have to start Lync to participate, just simply click the link and they’ll be taken directly into the meeting. Their webcams will automatically be turned on, so participation is seamless and easy.  And if it’s easy, more people will participate in your virtual meetings.
  • Lync can also work with Skype.
For consumers other than business users Lync is integrated with Skype.  This way you can videoconference with your customers who use Skype for their virtual communications.  It allows for voice, video and instant messaging with Skype users. This means that your outreach is improved to a different audience, at little to no extra cost.
  • We can help you use Lync.  Beyond this, if you purchase the Premium versions of Office 365 e.g., Small Business Premium, you can also get hosted support for Lync from Integris! We’ll host and manage your server, relieving you of the worry of complicated infrastructure management.

For more information about Microsoft Office 365 and Lync for your business, contact our team of Microsoft Lync support professionals.

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