6 Top Infrastructure Outsourcing Advantages


April 27, 2023

As technology becomes increasingly complex, more business owners are outsourcing their IT tasks. This practice isn’t about replacing in-house teams, but about getting the extra help they need to keep up. Outsourcing IT support services, cybersecurity, and software development is common, but many companies also turn toward IT infrastructure outsourcing.

This article will explore what that means. We’ll explain what infrastructure outsourcing means and highlight its top 5 benefits.


What is IT Infrastructure?

Your IT infrastructure is part of your information technology suite, but not all of your IT is infrastructure. The following graphic showcases what IT infrastructure is and what tasks are involved in IT infrastructure management.

Infrastructure Outsourcing

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Why Outsource IT Infrastructure Management?

As you can see in the graphic above, infrastructure management involves some crucial tasks. Misguided or disorganized management can have detrimental effects on your business operations. This includes but is not limited to downtime, data loss, and security breaches.

When you outsource your day-to-day IT infrastructure management tasks, you’re delegating that responsibility to a team of seasoned professionals. This decreases the risks of mismanagement and increases your infrastructure’s reliability and security.

Understandably, many people are apprehensive about handing their data to a third-party. An external provider needs to understand your business’s core competencies and must be someone you can trust. Luckily, many outsourcing companies have proven track records and certifications that show you can rely on them.

Here are the top 6 benefits of outsourcing infrastructure management.

IT Infrastructure is Only the Beginning

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The Top 6 Benefits of Infrastructure Outsourcing


1. Fill Skill Gaps

According to McKinsey, 87% of organizations are experiencing a tech labor shortage. As a result, too many are receiving infrastructure services from untrained individuals that may inadvertently cause more damage. If you’re short on skilled labor, IT infrastructure outsourcing can help.


2. Simplify Complex Cloud Environments

In the remote work boom of 2020, we saw the consequences of rushing cloud migration. Many companies quickly migrated with little oversight and 70% reported negative consequences as a result. Now there’s no reason to rush, but there’s also no reason to cut corners on your migration. Cloud environments are complex and outsourced services keep them in control.


3. Reduce Risks

Poorly managed IT infrastructures are ripe for hackers. Cybercriminals know how to exploit vulnerabilities, and those vulnerabilities are easily missed by untrained eyes. This may also result in compliance violations depending on your industry. Outsourced infrastructure managers will help you prevent these risks and train your internal teams to do the same.


4. Stay Competitive

Delegating infrastructure management helps you stay focused on your core business tasks – which helps you keep up with your industry’s competitive landscape. Additionally, outsourcing firms help you procure the latest cutting-edge technologies that reasonably fit your goals and budget.


5. Reduce Costs

Outsourcing’s cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons why it’s so popular among small businesses. Not every business has the time, resources, or budget to onboard a full IT department. IT infrastructure outsourcing helps these businesses maintain their networks and data centers like an enterprise without exceeding their means.


6. Boost Productivity

Relying on a break-fix approach to network downtime, server disruptions, or security breaches will put your staff behind schedule. That’s because no matter how quickly you can remediate issues, there will still be a brief amount of time when they can’t work. Proactive management from outsourced infrastructure professionals decreases these incidents.


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