The Best Managed Services Providers in Austin, Texas


April 14, 2015


While speaking to a group of business leaders one of my mentors was asked, “Why are you so successful as an executive coach?” His response: “Because I am very selective about the people I choose to coach.”

When I ask myself why we have so many happy clients, I first think about how well we know our strengths and our limitations. We get that we can’t be all things to all people, and we try hard to focus our efforts where we believe we can do a great job.

Who’s the best managed services provider (MSP) in Austin? You might expect us to say “MyITpros!”, and for many small to medium sized businesses in Austin, we are. Still, sometimes we talk to organizations for which we are clearly not the best choice, and end up referring them to other IT service providers we believe will take good care of them.

We’ve written extensively on how to find the best IT service provider for your situation. Today I’m going to write about several specific managed services providers in Austin, TX who were recently named to the MSPmentor Top 501 Managed Services Providers List.

The list is an annual ranking of the top 501 MSPs around the world. I found five in Austin on this year’s list, which was released March 15, 2015. Rankings are based on a range of business metrics (11 in total), including revenue, growth, and number of employees.

Not all managed services providers choose to participate, but MSPmentor typically receives close to 2000 entries from MSPs worldwide.

The following is a list of the Austin MSPs I found on the list, followed by my brief comments on each. Please email [email protected] if you notice any errors, and I’ll be glad to make corrections.

  • mindSHIFT Technologies Inc. is #4
  • Vintage IT Services is #43
  • GCS Technologies, Inc. is #221
  • Texas Systems Group, Inc. is #231
  • MyITpros is #262

mindSHIFT Technologies Inc.

mindSHIFT is headquartered in Sterling, VA, and has offices in four  Texas cities. Their Austin office is a 4 minute walk down the hill from our front door.

For years mindSHIFT was known in the industry for its aggressive growth strategy through merger and acquisition. Eventually they were acquired by Best Buy, and today mindSHIFT is a Ricoh company.

In Austin, White Glove Technologies pursued a similar growth strategy, first acquiring MSPs here and then in other Texas cities. White Glove grew to be the largest MSP in Austin, and was acquired by mindSHIFT in 2012.

Today mindSHIFT is well known for its focus on the legal industry, with a national call center and teams devoted exclusively to IT consulting for law firms.

Vintage IT Services

Vintage IT Services is an Austin success story. Established in 2001, it’s a woman-owned company that’s seen impressive growth in recent years, most notably with state government agencies.

Vintage IT operates from its headquarters on West 5th Street in Central Austin. They provide cloud computing and managed IT services to customers ranging in size from small businesses and non-profits to large government agencies.

GCS Technologies, Inc.

I met Joe Gleinser in 2007 and he’s been my friend ever since. His company, GCS Technologies, was founded in 2000 and is another Austin success story. Joe and his team have seen significant growth in recent years, and they are particularly known for their expertise with Avaya phone systems and a strong relationship with Dell.

GCS Technologies’ office is located on North MoPac near 183. They offer managed IT and professional services, as well as strategic consulting.

Texas Systems Group, Inc.

I first met David Doran and his partner Andrew Lam in 2004. In recent years David and I have become good friends. I think he and Andrew have done a wonderful job growing their business in quality fashion. Our companies have a lot in common, and our shared values make TSG a firm we’ve recommended on numerous occasions.

From their office in north Austin, Texas Systems Group offers managed services, IT projects, data center and other IT services to clients both locally and across Texas, as well as nationwide and internationally.


Founded in 1993, MyITpros has averaged 24 percent  growth per year in the last 8 years . We focus primarily on managed IT services and cloud computing, and we have some of the happiest clients around.

In a recent survey, 100 percent of our Cloud7  clients gave us a 10  when asked, on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being extremely likely) “How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?” Check out our Yelp reviews to see what some of our managed services clients are saying.

All of our clients are managed services clients, and for most of them, we are their IT Department. We provide a wide range of IT services to them, but we rarely provide services in a one-off or ad hoc fashion to organizations who are not on a managed services plan.

Because we’ve been around for so long, I bet we can help you with whatever IT services you’re looking for, even if we’re not the best choice to fill your needs. Helping people is in our DNA, so please call us.

A real person will answer when you call during business hours. We look forward to hearing from you.

Chris-BoyleChris Boyle, CEO

Our goal with this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about MyITpros or any topic email us at [email protected].


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