Beyond Productivity: How 2020 AI Will Improve How We Manage Talent


February 10, 2020

These 2020 AI Recruitment Solutions Transform Talent Management

What does 2020 hold for talent management? Find out how AI recruitment solutions are leading to better recruiting in 2020, faster acquisition of top talent.

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56% of CEOs and Chief Human Resource Officers say that current ways of recruiting are ineffectual. They struggle to find the right people. 83% of the employees you want are currently working somewhere and only 53% are willing to leave for a new company.

40% say they’re struggling to find diverse talent, something that’s both critical to the health of their company and important to the top talent they want to attract. 28% of positions will stay vacant for 12 months. These are often the most vital roles in the company.

And to top it all off, once you find the right people, 50% will leave within a year, nearly negating the time and financial investment in the hiring process.

Something has to change. And as should be the case, private enterprise innovators are seeing a problem and developing AI recruitment solutions.

Jared Lucas, Chief People Officer at MobileIron predicts that in 2020, “AI will become a requirement for companies in the screening of candidates due to the pervasive need to find higher-quality candidates at a faster pace.”

We agree. In this article, we’ll explore some ways AI recruitment solutions make for better recruiting in 2020.

1. Enhanced Ability to Spot Stand Out Internal Talent

Any recruit from entry-level to middle management wants to see a path for advancement. Employees who feel stuck with nowhere to go eventually out-grow their roles and feel the need to move on.

AI can help companies identify internal talent and assess their strengths. It can suggest where they’ll be the best fit.

That may be a lateral move followed by a vertical. Or you may have someone stagnating in a front-line position or low-level management who would exceed in leadership. But within the context of their role, those to whom they report don’t see it.

Recruitment AI 2020 can see beyond the immediate context, looking at the company as a whole, identifying opportunities and the individuals currently in your organization who can make the most of the opportunities.

2. Rediscovering Missed Potential

With 1000’s of resumes to comb for a hand full of job roles, it makes sense that resumes often get discarded if they’re not the right fit for the company right now. But what about six months from now when someone leaves the company and a previously overlooked candidate is now the perfect fit.

Recruiters can flag resumes if they foresee a future need. But they won’t always have those premonitions. In a manual recruitment process, there’s no efficient way to go back and find that resume. The recruiter may not even remember it exists.

But AI can track your needs over time and quickly assess resumes past and present to help you always find the perfect person in the pool.

3. Faster, Better Hiring for Executive Roles

AI works throughout the company. But one of the places you’ll see the most benefits is in the hiring of executives. AI recruitment helps you find the most likely candidates faster, whether internal or external.

Humans are limited in how much they can take in. But a well-designed AI won’t miss anything.

AI doesn’t merely scan for keywords, sort, and aggregate. It analyzes and reaches conclusions.

It can assess how various skills, experiences, roles, etc. work together to build the ideal candidate for a position. And through machine learning, it can continue to better recruiting processes over time.

4. AI Automation Frees Up Humans to Think More Critically

Menial, repetitive, tedious tasks turn even the most intelligent and dedicated brains into mush. People zone out. And it’s hard to zone back in when needed.

The automation that recruitment AI in 2020 offers eliminates this brain cell killing work. AI doesn’t replace recruiters. Recruiters become better recruiters. They’re more alert, focused, and in-tune to their jobs. They’re doing what you pay them the big bucks to do, bring in the best talent.

5. Recruiters Can Cover More Ground

AI is a tool that makes everything a recruiter does more efficiently. The expertise you’re looking for is likely on LinkedIn. But these days we all have substantial digital footprints with information on:

  • Indeed
  • Monster
  • Executive recruitment sites
  • Other social media
  • Forums
  • Niche publishing
  • News sites
  • Guest blogs
  • Professional blogs
  • Yelp
  • YouTube videos

This information is vast and often disjointed. Recruitment AI in 2020 helps paint a more complete picture of a candidate. It can help recruiters explore more territory to find the right person for the job.

AI Recruitment Solutions for 2020

Businesses can no longer afford to maintain outdated recruitment practices. AI recruitment solutions are proving themselves and increasingly becoming integral in successful companies. The more experience your recruitment leadership has with AI, the more successful your recruitment programs will be.

Integris can help you customize, implement, and maintain AI recruitment solutions within your organization. Contact us today to schedule a technology solutions consultation.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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