How IT Services in Bonita Springs Florida Can Help Your Business Survive the Second Wave of COVID19


April 29, 2020

Here we go again: the second wave of COVID 19 is upon us, once again causing stay-at-home orders impacting customers and businesses being forced to temporarily shut their doors and embrace a remote workforce. There is no small to medium-sized business in Florida that hasn’t been touched by the pandemic in some form or another. IT managed services may be the last thing on your mind right now, but IT services in Bonita Springs Florida can help your business survive COVID19.

You were already prepared for this, though. Your businesses have been using a remote workforce for months, and harnessing the intuitive powers of cloud computing and Microsoft 365.

IT Services will Save You Money

If you haven’t hired IT services in Bonita Springs Florida, you are missing the opportunity to save your business money when you need it most.

Third-Party Vendors

MSP’s work with third-party vendors, getting the equipment you need at lower prices. Your IT services provider will also work with third-party vendors to make sure you are getting the services you need at the best possible price and will negotiate with them for affordable solutions for your small to medium-sized business.

Proactive Approach Saves You Money on Unplanned Downtime

A managed services provider offers strategies to keep your network running smoothly. Their proactive approach means you are less likely to be caught off-guard by an issue that leaves you with unplanned downtime. Remember that unplanned downtime not only costs you employee productivity but can impact your customer’s experiences as well.

Predictable Budgeting

Managed IT services provides you with predictable IT costs, allowing you to budget each month with no surprise costs or fees. Relying on a break-fix model of IT services means you may not be prepared for the cost of an IT emergency and will spend more money on the repairs than you would have with an MSP’s service agreement.

Personalized Planning

Your IT services provider will offer strategic planning that will consider your vertical, number of employees, and current tech to provide you with affordable solutions that work for your small to medium-sized business. Relying on boxed-software IT solutions often means paying too much for too little or purchasing software that will not benefit, or is incompatible with, your business.

Consultations for Your Best Business Decisions, Through COVID19 and Beyond

Your MSP will provide you with a strategic consultation, showing you your best moves for now, and for the future. Even though we are in a pandemic, you are still trying to serve your customers and clients. You may be reactive, instead of proactive, and making decisions to meet short-term needs instead of long-term goals.

A professional IT consultation will help you meet both with proven strategies to help your business not only survive COVID19, but to thrive after the pandemic has passed.

Keep Your Network Up and Running with Your Remote Workforce

Having IT services in Bonita Springs, Florida means having the answers and strategies you need to meet the demands of a remote workforce. Whether it’s cloud technologies to keep your teams connected, rigorous security solutions to keep your network protected, or providing the hardware your teams need to stay productive, your MSP has the solutions to keep your teams operating smoothly, wherever they are.

Your clients and customers are still looking for the products and services even during a pandemic. Your MSP will provide the tools you need to let your employees keep meeting those demands. These include management solutions such as automated processes, cloud services, and streamlined workflows.

IT Services in Bonita Springs Florida will Support Your Internal IT Team

Managed services providers can work with your own internal IT department, ensuring they are operating efficiently and productively. IT services in Bonita Springs Florida can be offered under a co-managed services platform, meaning your internal IT department and the MSP will work together to keep your network secure and running smoothly.

Your IT department will be stretched to the limit trying to keep up with cybersecurity threats, equipment breakage, service issues with your remote employees, and other concerns. An MSP can help split the workload and provide guidance to your internal IT department, so they aren’t overwhelmed at the increased technical workload.

Compliancy with Rules and Regulations and a Remote Workforce

Many organizations have ramped up security rules and regulations, such as HIPAA, to ensure that remote workers follow privacy laws and meet cybersecurity requirements. Being found in violation of these rules and regulations can result in fines, lost revenue, loss of reputation, and in some extreme cases, even jail time. IT services in Bonita Springs Florida will help you meet the requirements of these regulations.

Your MSP will make sure that you remain compliant, no matter what your vertical is, to keep your business out of trouble so you and your IT department can focus on other things.


With a remote workforce comes an increase in cyberthreats and a decrease in cybersecurity preparedness. Your employees may be accessing your network through unsecured Wi-Fi, running devices that aren’t patched with security updates, getting lax in their email habits, using the same device for personal and business related reasons, or not physically securing their devices at the end of the day.

Of course, IT services in Bonita Springs Florida will help your business find effective cybersecurity solutions, but they will also help you set up and acceptable use policy, a BYOD policy for remote workers using their own equipment, provide cybersecurity awareness for your employees, track your devices, and monitor your network to make sure you are protected from threats.

Remote workers have been targeted by hackers; cybercriminals don’t have mercy, don’t take the day off, and will use every crisis they can to steal valuable information or install malware for their personal gain.

Just in case you fall victim to a breach, an MSP will also offer backup recovery plans to ensure business continuity in the face of a disaster. This means your data will be restored quickly so you have less downtime and your employees can get back to work.

Let Iconic IT Services Help Ease Your Mind

Peace of mind begins with a free cybersecurity risk assessment that will evaluate your business’ current vulnerabilities. The assessment will also outline strategies for your business and employees to stay safe, connected, and productive.

You may not be thinking of IT services in Bonita Springs Florida right now, but at Iconic IT it’s all we think about. Contact us today for your free, no obligation consultation, valued at nearly $700,  and let us show you how we can bring you peace of mind so you can focus on your business throughout COVID19 and beyond.

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