Business Move in Austin: Marketing Tasks


July 9, 2015

One of the many challenging moving tasks is communicating to the rest of the world that you have moved. Here are four marketing tasks essential to getting the word out:

1. Update Your Online Presence

Updating your website’s contact page with the new address is an obvious first step. However, updating business listing sites with your new address is often overlooked. Examples of sites we updated included:

  • Google My Business
  • Facebook for Business
  • Yelp for Business
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing Places for Business
  • Foursquare for Business

Unfortunately, the address change on these sites will probably not appear immediately. It may also take time to show the new address consistently.  For example, our Google Maps address was updated relatively quickly, but it would display incorrectly in the search listing for quite some time. Some of these sites have an approval process that are partially automated and partially manual, so be patient. There is no evidence that frequency of submitting the change impacts how long it takes for the change to appear, but it doesn’t hurt to remind the listing site once a week.

We also changed the wallpaper on all our social media platforms to a map image of our location change. We also posted multiple notifications on each platform about our move.

2. Notify Clients and Vendors

We emailed our clients two weeks, a week and the day before our move. Letting them know our address change was obviously the main motivator, but it also gave us an opportunity to apologize in advance if we weren’t as consistent as usual. Our clients were very understanding and gave us flexibility, which we are grateful for and credit to communicating ahead of time. And of course, we emailed them again once things were settled. Once the move was settled we generated a list of all vendors and notified them by website or email.

3. Email Signatures

Create a standard email signature for all employees, which includes the move announcement.

Don’t forget to update any software that uses your address in emails. To illustrate, our marketing software HubSpot pulls the account address into email templates. The account info must be updated for the correct address to appear in the email.

4. Digital and Print Materials

Make sure to update all online digital materials, like ebooks. Verify the new address is updated in accounting software, so that invoice templates to your clients will reflect the new address in the “remit to” location. And don’t forget about all of the print materials, such as envelopes, thank you cards, business cards, letterhead, etc.

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Lori-Mankin1 Lori Mankin, Marketing Coordinator

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