Business Spending on IT Expected to Rise in 2016


April 8, 2016

In the past few years, I have observed the trend toward a heavier reliance on IT cause a shift in business models and processes on a global scale. Because of this, I anticipate that 2016 will see a rise in IT spending that relates directly to this ongoing recalculation of business strategy.

Investment Technology

Recently adopted strategies such as software as a service, platform as a service, and infrastructure as a service, are driving the growth in the industry. These business models are seeing broad acceptance by the public because they allow for IT products that are always on, always up to date, and always available.

The one project that stands out in my mind in this field is the Microsoft Office 365 subscription service. This service, like others, is set to make its company dramatically more money than the earlier one-time purchase and update software iterations of Microsoft Office.

In a recent study by Gartner Inc. some very enlightening and encouraging statistics were reported. In addition to the statistics cited in the Gartner study, there were predictions regarding IT spending by small to medium sized businesses in the 2016 year.

As I read through the Gartner Inc. report, I was encouraged to see that they expected a significant rise. Take a look at these figures.

In 2016:

  • Spending on IT is expected to go up by 6% to $3.54 trillion dollars.
  • Investment by business in software will rise by 5.3%.
  • Expenditures by companies in the area of data-center systems is to move 3% up to $75 billion dollars.
  • IT services will experience a 3.1% bump moving the total spent on MSP to $940 billion.

This rise in IT spending is significant when compared to the rest of the economy and today’s low interest and investment rates. Consumers seem to be heartily adopting the model of less hardware combined with scalable / manageable cloud-based solutions.

From my perspective, 2016 is looking good for the IT industry as a whole. More specifically, it is looking like a positive forecast for the managed service provider. The further invested that small to medium sized businesses become in IT, the more they will come to need and to rely on the skills of the MSP company.

Today’s insightful business owners are looking for the combination of professionalism, competency, and value. Our MSP company, Integris will deliver for you in all three of these areas. As you look at your IT budget over this year, bear in mind that we have the expertise and background to help you get the most out of your IT dollar.

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