IT Service Provider, CalTech, Joins Integris


January 4, 2023

This week, IT managed service provider (MSP), CalTech, announced it has joined Integris, a national IT MSP offering high-end, enterprise services and round-the-clock security monitoring for small and medium sized businesses. Both companies have offices in nearly every major market in Texas and Kansas. With CalTech, Integris now has more than 20 total offices in 10 states with nearly 700 dedicated employees.


“We are excited about this merger for many reasons but the first being the alignment of values and reputation. With Integris, we will build a national community banking practice with top quality service, security, and premium offerings for new and existing clients,” said Will Welch, Chief Executive Officer of Integris.


According to Welch, Integris was interested in joining forces because of Integris’ growing and expansive national platform and people-focused values. For community banking clients, the partnership means increased offerings in cybersecurity and business intelligence as well as new layers of regulatory advice and compliance consulting. Integris leaders say the merger will allow them to leverage CalTech’s industry-leading expertise to establish a national focus on servicing the community banking industry.


“The timing for this merger could not be better. Managed IT services are getting more complex and CalTech’s reputation in the community banking space allows Integris to build on and expand best in class operations to build a national community banking practice,” said Rashaad Bajwa, Chief Executive Officer of Integris.


The financial terms of this merger were not disclosed. Integris, backed by private equity firm Frontenac, is actively engaged and looking for additional managed service providers to be a part of the story.



About CalTech:

Integris is a managed IT services provider focused on giving businesses the tools, strategies, and protection they need to grow and excel. Along with managed services, Integris offers consulting, cybersecurity, and private cloud access. The company was founded in 1988 and has offices in almost every major market in Texas and Kansas with more than 150 employees. Since its founding, Integris has differentiated itself as a leading service provider for the community banking industry.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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