Cloud Security: Is It As Strong as It Needs to Be?


July 20, 2016

With a technology solution as relatively young as the cloud, there are still several unanswered questions that organizations need to confront.

A recent survey conducted by market research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) of 100 I.T. decision makers found that when it comes to cloud security, 48% of I.T. organizations are spending more on security technologies than they did when they ran only on-premise applications.

Cloud Security

The study also found that 55% of those surveyed said that the cloud offers superior technology to on-premises, and 56% believe that security technology is more consistently applied in the cloud. Overall, 47% said that they trust that their cloud providers are delivering on security agreements.

Naturally, public clouds run by the best I.T. personnel are going to be more secure than on-premise I.T. environments managed by I.T. staff with limited exposure to the latest threats. This is why a larger percentage of organizations have been relying more frequently on the I.T. security expertise of MSPs when moving workloads into the cloud.

The EMA study found that 68% of organizations have staffing shortages, and 34% report skills shortages. Because of this, it probably isn’t a shock to I.T. services providers that I.T. organizations are looking for more help when it comes to:

  • Integrating security technology
  • Improving reporting of security matters
  • Improving overall security analytics

The survey also inquired what services organizations would pay extra to have delivered. That list included, in order:

  • Virtual machine encryption
  • On-demand compliance reporting
  • Role-based access control
  • Advanced persistent threat protection

Simply put, I.T. security has never been a greater concern than it is today – regardless of the size of your operations. Any I.T. proposal that doesn’t include a robust IT security component is going to be dead on arrival. The EMA study makes it clear that most of the burden of providing security is falling on cloud service providers.

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