Cloudflare Bounces 8Chan in Wake of Mass Shootings


August 5, 2019

Cloudflare is a favorite of ours. We like their style. Cloudflare is very transparent with their decision making processes and we appreciate that too. That kind of transparency also means Cloudflare doesn’t shy away from controversial subjects and the decisions they make regarding those subjects.

Take this blog article they wrote on August 5th regarding them dropping 8Chan as a customer.

I’m sure Cloudflare’s decision will be met with some controversy. Especially considering 8Chan’s connection to the mass shootings that happened over the weekend in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH.

We won’t be commenting on the shootings, other than to say everyone at Integris is horrified by the events that transpired and hope these instances of appalling violence do not continue (though they are now common place).

This isn’t the first time Cloudflare has reacted this way. They previously terminated services for The Daily Stormer due to the media outlet’s history of hate speech and fear mongering.

I will not be providing a link to either the Daily Stormer or 8Chan in this story due to their offensive nature.

We know it’s controversial but we do recommend you read Cloudflare’s blog on the matter. The content is rather heavy but it offer’s important insight into how they operate as a company.

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Carl Keyser is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Integris.

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