How to Use an MSP to Simplify Your Industry’s Increasingly Complicated Technology Systems


August 18, 2019

Integris helps Baltimore-Washington Businesses With Complicated Technology Systems

Technology is evolving rapidly, and it’s becoming more and more complex. An MSP can help your company deal with and adjust to those complexities in many ways.  

An MSP (Managed Service Provider) is a huge asset in today’s business because of increased technology and security risks. The technology industry is growing rapidly, and MSPs are being positively affected by that change. They are evolving into an IT provider that can help companies grow and support their customers in a way that would not have been possible just a few years ago.

MSP use is only expected to grow in the next several years—and for good reason. MSPs offer a wide range of services that your company can use to take daily operations to the next level.

The Basics: What is an MSP?

There really is no formal definition of a managed service provider. However, they function as outside IT support on several levels. They can provide a wide variety of services, many of which are specifically tailored to meet your needs as a business.

While some IT companies are only called in when something breaks, an MSP’s goal is to anticipate and address problems long before they occur. Because MSPs are paid based on a fixed fee or percentage basis, there is a strong incentive to stop technology issues before they occur and cause significant problems.

This type of model is better aligned with business needs compared to an IT company that only fixes problems. Under that model, they have no incentive to fix problems—because they count on difficulties to arise for them to get paid.

Using an MSP to Your Business’s Advantage

Every business is different, and you may not use an MSP the same way that another company might, even if they are in the same industry. This is particularly true if you have your own IT department or individual in addition to an MSP.

Technology is becoming more advanced and complicated every day. Internal IT providers sometimes struggle to keep up with advances in technology because they only work with your internal team. An MSP, on the other hand, may serve several clients that have different systems; they will be able to help you find the right technology to meet your needs and help you utilize some of the newest technology to your advantage.

Services That MSPs Offer to Make Your Life Easier

MSPs will offer a wide variety of services. However, some of the most common services will often include the following:

  • Helpdesks. A helpdesk offers a go-to person if there are any problems with software, hardware, services, networks, and more. You can often contact this person by using email or chat software, making contacting the help desk fast and easy.
  • Security. MSPs offer varying levels of security services. Firewalls and endpoint protections are common, but every MSP is different. One of the main reasons that businesses connect with MSPs is because they are concerned about security, and MSPs can offer those services throughout your company and even for your server or network as a whole.
  • Disaster Recover. Many companies are worried about what will happen to their data and information if disaster strikes. An MSP can provide services that help regain that data in a way that virtually eliminates that fear. Automatic back-up data is often a big part of the service package for an MSP.
  • Remote Monitoring and Supervision. It is comforting to a business to know that an expert has their back whenever it needed. An MSP provides that type of comfort by giving remoting monitoring. They can manage update, address problems that arise, and do general maintenance on services, networks, and even individual computers. In many situations, they can also perform this work without setting foot in your building.

In addition to these basic services, MSPs may also offer things like cloud-based migration, professional services, telecom services, and maintaining data center services. The types of services that you need will vary based on your industry and the goals for your company.

Technology is evolving quickly, and your business should change with it. To do that, you need an expert resource that you can rely upon to help you foster and develop that growth. An MSP can be that resource that you need.

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