Connecting Texas: The Role of MSPs in Network Connectivity


February 20, 2023

Nowadays, Texas businesses can no longer afford to relegate network connectivity and cybersecurity to the bottom of their priority lists. As business documents and communication become increasingly digitized in the state of Texas, maintaining a fast and secure network to support your business’ operations has proven crucial. Poorly maintained networks waste precious time and money, while also leaving your infrastructure and critical data vulnerable to external access and attacks. Managed service providers (MSPs) provide regular attention and service in various areas to fortify your business’ network and infrastructure. 

Texas IT Connectivity: What Are MSPs?

An MSP is a third-party technology consultant that can remotely manage your IT infrastructure and systems. MSPs often handle maintenance-based tasks, including network connectivity, so that your organization can focus on improving services without worrying about downtime or other obstructions. 

The Role of MSPs in Network Connectivity 

Poor network connectivity can create major problems, especially if your organization has a complex network with countless devices and nodes. When troubleshooting proves to be difficult, MSPs are here to help identify the central issue and improve your network’s security and connection. Managed service providers play a variety of roles in maintaining and improving IT connectivity, working to fortify network infrastructure and security, while also providing custom consultations and on-site support. 

  • Custom Consultation
  • Security Support and Monitoring
  • Onsite Network Support
  • Infrastructure Installation 
  • Ongoing Optimization
  • Centralized Network
  • Data Protection
  • Infrastructure Upkeep

Custom Consultation

Oftentimes, your business has needs that can’t be fully met by your current IT department and staff. MSPs offer custom IT consulting services to improve your network connectivity and fill in gaps that your current team may not be able to cover. Looking to simplify your network?  Integris’ network connectivity services combine cutting-edge technology and attentive support to expedite your business’ growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your network connectivity. 

Security Support and Monitoring

Companies of all industries and sizes are increasingly in danger of falling victim to cybersecurity attacks. Unfortunately, many companies simply do not have the security protocols and staff necessary to combat these invasions. Partnering with an MSP is one of the most effective ways to maintain network connectivity and fortify your business’ online security. MSP consultants usually provide a range of security support, from advanced cybersecurity services to firewall management and device encryption

Security services are especially useful because MSPs are well equipped to identify weak points in your IT infrastructure and security protocols. Partnering with an MSP provides your business with a team dedicated to security and networking connectivity, making it a much more effective and economical option compared to housing an entire in-house team for security. 

Onsite Network Support

As digital as networks have become, sometimes a physical, in-person consultation is necessary. MSPs can help maintain IT connectivity through onsite network support, removing the hassle that often comes when working with multiple providers and consultants. This on-site work often includes server maintenance, as well as hardware replacement and fixes. MSPs may also meet with you face-to-face to discuss strategic initiatives and better identify network and connectivity challenges. 

Infrastructure Installation 

Managing a network of various providers for multiple locations can be exhausting and confusing. Hardware and network malfunctions only further complicate this issue, as they force you to hop around between multiple networks in different locations when network connectivity drops or something else goes awry. MSPs help eliminate this problem by installing the underlying infrastructure themselves and consolidating it all under one central provider. 

When you partner with Integris, we serve as your reliable network support across all locations and networks. Our cutting-edge installation solutions ensure that you maintain high-performing internet access no matter which office you’re working from. Book a consultation today to start your path towards a unified IT ecosystem. 

Ongoing Optimization

When repairs and updates are needed to maintain network connectivity and strength, paying a fixed monthly fee to an MSP can prove much more cost effective than paying an hourly consultant. Ongoing optimization from MSPs can significantly improve your team’s productivity by handling network connectivity challenges immediately when they arise, giving your team the chance to get back on track within minutes or hours instead of days and weeks. 

Centralized Network

Managed service providers maintain network connectivity by employing centralized data centers, an infrastructure format that you may find especially helpful if your team often works remotely. Centralized networks allow you to store informally in one secure space, while also performing regular data backups. This framework can prove instrumental in improving your users’ access to your IT department and help desk, resulting in smoother business operations and happier clients and customers. 

Data Protection

A loss of company files and essential data can wreak havoc on every area of your business, from payroll processing to logins and passwords. MSPs can assist in protecting your business’ most crucial data and assets by setting up backup routines to keep everything in order. They can even advise you on the best cloud storage solutions and preemptive security protocols to ensure that your business is always ahead of the curve. Integris’ proactive approach to cybersecurity keeps your business and data protected from malware, cyberattackers, and ransomware with multiple layers of security monitoring. 

Infrastructure Upkeep

Network infrastructure can be difficult to install and even more challenging to maintain properly. If your systems are poorly maintained, crucial data servers and hardware can be put at risk of failure, which can result in drastic losses of capital and time for your business. Professional IT support can help alleviate this burden by remotely tracking the status and health of your network.  

The fortification and maintenance of your IT infrastructure requires substantial effort and resources. Managed service providers monitor your IT connectivity 24/7 while simultaneously scanning for security threats and keeping systems compliant with industry standards. Allowing an MSP to maintain your network ensures a continuous connection while simultaneously freeing up time and capital for your internal team. 

Access Advanced IT Connectivity for Your Texas Business

A custom consultation is an important first step towards unveiling and tackling your network connectivity challenges. As your all-in-one IT partner, Integris is here to help you identify your challenges and help build a dependable, secure network. Contact us today to receive a free consultation and get started on your journey towards a more connected network. 

IT Connectivity: Get Your Free Consultation from Integris Today

A secure and interconnected network serves as the backbone of your IT infrastructure, but managed IT services in Texas do not simply end there. Many firms also offer cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, 24/7 help desks, infrastructure assistance, and data backup and recovery, among countless other services. 

To learn more about other IT services available in Texas, get in touch with the Integris team today.

Carl Keyser is the Content Manager at Integris.

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