Integris Copilot Beta Program

Our upcoming Q&A discussion will include details on Copilot rollout for Integris clients. 

July 9
1 PM ET / 12 PM CT / 11 AM MT / 10 AM PT
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You’re early to the Copilot conversation, first to sign up or ask for more information about the Integris beta of Microsoft’s powerful new AI suite.

Our upcoming discussion will talk through the Copilot experience and learn about what’s coming up – and you are invited.

Join Adel Strauss, VP of Product & Portfolio at Integris, and others from our Microsoft 365 Product team as we discuss all things Copilot. We’ll talk: 

  • Rollout schedules
  • AI readiness assessments
  • Cybersecurity protections to have before installation
  • How to prepare staff, where to find training resources
  • Installation costs and protocols
  • Impacts on documentation and policies
  • And more!  

It’s a great opportunity to share concerns and questions as we all work on integrating this powerful new tech into our systems. Don’t miss out on this key opportunity to stay up to date – register now and reserve your spot.

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Adel Strauss
VP, Product & Portfolio
Bryan Wheeler headshot
Bryan Wheeler
Strategic Operations Manager