Coronavirus: Be Prepared to Work From Home


March 11, 2020

With the right systems in place, your entire business can still operate remotely.

As you already know, the coronavirus has arrived in New Jersey. In preparation for possible office closings, we are proactively reaching out to our clients to make sure that they are prepared. In the event your employees may need to work from home for a sustained period of time we want to ensure your technology stack is prepared to handle it.

This technology stack may include some or all of the following:

Remote Desktop Services – which enables you to have access to your work resources outside the office.
Sonicwall VPN (Virtual Private Network) – delivers a secure and encrypted remote access session to your office environment from anywhere.
IP Phone System – If you have a phone system with us, you can set up call forwarding or softphones for staff to answer office calls from their homes or mobile phones. We also may be able to set up custom call routing and interactive voice recordings to better direct your clients in the case of a prolonged office closing.
Office 365 / Microsoft Teams – anywhere anytime access to email, group office chat, collaboration and video conferencing

These systems may have been implemented a long time ago or you may not know if you have all of these in place. There also may be some concerns around scalability as your company may have outgrown the resources that were put in place when they were installed. Some remote access solutions may also be sufficient for a periodic snow day, but not a prolonged office closure, so it is critical that you have the right tools in place before they are needed.

The big question: has your company invested in technology solutions that will allow them to be productive when they work outside of the office? We’re not just talking about email access — although if your employees can’t access their email remotely, you’re way behind the curve. In order to be productive and work efficiently from any remote location, your employees need access to your company’s network folders, business critical software applications (CRM, company database, quoting system, practice management software, line-of-business application, etc.), phone system, email, and other network collaboration/communication tools. Not only do your employees need access to these tools, that access needs to be secure.

Does your business need help with this transition?

A conversation is a great place to start. Contact us to set up a call.

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