Tier One Technology Partners Named to CRN’s 2020 MSP 500 List!


March 5, 2020

We’ve Been Named to CRN’s 2020 MSP 500 List!

Integris, an industry-recognized IT services company, is pleased to announce that CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, has named our team to their 2020 MSP 500 list in the Pioneer 250 category. The annual list is divided into the following three categories:

Integris Named To CRN’s 2020 MSP 500 List

  1. The MSP Pioneer 250
  2. The MSP Elite 150
  3. The Managed Security 100

The MSP Pioneer 250 category is for those primarily focused on the SMB market. This is our third year being named to the list, and as always, we’re proud of our team for their accomplishments in helping our clients achieve a high level of operational efficiency with reliable and secure information technology systems aligned with their business objectives.

How Do We Help Our Clients Achieve a High Level of Operational Efficiency?

Integris knows that in addition to finance and people, technology is one of the three most critical operational areas to the health of any given organization. That’s why we focus on helping those we serve create an effective information technology strategy that’s designed to:

  • Improve day-to-day business processes with the right mix of hardware, software, and other tools.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing they’re prepared to defend against any threats and/or risks with the right cybersecurity tools.
  • Boost productivity through telecommunication solutions, such as video conferencing or VoIP, that allow for greater collaboration.
  • Minimize unforeseen technology issues that result in expensive repair costs and/or downtime.

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