How are you Keeping you and your Employees Safe While Doing Business Online?


May 24, 2017

Don’t let your business become another statistic of livelihood lost due to IT security issues – Integris provides cybersecurity consulting to ensure you’re ready for anything.

When it comes to cybercrime, there’s no ideal target. Any business that’s storing data is susceptible to risk, but too many small or midsized businesses believe it’ll never happen to them. At Integris we’ve spent years providing cybersecurity consulting for businesses of every size, with comprehensive protection to ensure your data is always safe. Just consider these statistics:

  • There’s been a 62% increase in the number of data breaches since 2013.
  • During the same time, there’s been a 91% increase in targeted attacks.
  • 42% of mobile users have reported experiencing mobile cybercrime in the past year.

Don’t let your business become another statistic of livelihood lost because your IT team simply didn’t prepare you.

We provide comprehensive support and consulting to ensure every area of your business is accounted for.

Vulnerability and Risk Assessment – At Integris we plan strategically for your future, and that includes making sure your processes and policies are properly implemented. Our vulnerability and risk assessments look for weaknesses in your system; any vulnerability is patched to ensure you’re working securely. We also help to implement new processes that will help protect your business against any attacks.

Email and Spam Protection – Did you know that your data is most at risk when it’s in transit? Email and spam protection is crucial to businesses, especially when you’re so frequently exchanging sensitive data through email. Spam protection and email filtering help to ensure your exchanges are private and secure.

Network and Wireless Security – Keep viruses, malware, and malicious intruders from compromising your workflow. With network and wireless security, you have peace of mind knowing that your network is safe from cybercriminals and online threats.

IT Security in The Cloud – The cloud not only provides you mobility and improves collaboration, but it helps to keep your data safe. Business continuity solutions and data backups in the cloud give you peace of mind that your business won’t be crippled by a disaster or IT issues.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek out the cybersecurity consulting and services that you need. Contact Integris at [email protected] or (888) 330-8808.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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