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March 16, 2017


For MyITpros, our mission statement is to help and empower people. Part of this principle means making sure our clients and prospective clients have the tools and education needed to make the right IT decisions for their company.

One of the most important IT processes that a company goes through is deciding who their managed services provider should be. We encourage businesses to do their due diligence, as your MSP should be an extension of your business, share the same values and support the same culture.  We’ve written extensively on how to find the best provider for your business- such as an interview guide on what you should be asking your potential IT services firm!

So, who are some of the managed services providers in Austin, TX you should be talking to?

Freedom IT

Freedom IT was founded in Austin in 1999, and primarily serves businesses in the Austin community. They offer a range of managed services including managed internet, risk management and business IT services and well as cloud management. You can learn more about Freedom IT by visiting their website, or you can contact them directly!

GCS Technology

GCS was started by two brothers in 2000. Since then, they’ve worked with over 750 companies. They offer IT services under the umbrella of managed services, professional services and technology consulting services. GCS works with what they call an “on-demand” pricing model, which deviates from fixed costs and returns to hourly services pricing.  You can schedule an assessment with GCS direct through their website, or contact them here.

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Texas Systems Group

Established in 2002 and located in north Austin, Texas Systems Group offers managed services, IT projects, data center and other IT services to clients both locally and across Texas, as well as nationwide and internationally. Our companies have a lot in common, and our shared values make TSG a firm we’ve recommended on numerous occasions. You can contact them here.


Last, but certainly not least (of course), is MyITpros. Established in 1993, we’ve been serving Austin and the greater central Texas area for 24 years! We offer a full, comprehensive set of managed IT services and cloud solutions supported by a strong account management and support team setup. It’s important to us that you know who we are (there are no stock models on our site!) and what we are doing- we have no long-term contracts and a robust account management and review that provides strong communication. You can contact us for more information!

For business owners interested in managed services in Austin, TX, or anywhere in the country, the process you go through to choose the right fit is an important one. Take the time to fully vet out a few different prospects and ensure they meet not just your pricing guidelines, but your culture as well. For more information on hiring the right IT provider, grab yourself a free copy of our ebook!

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