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September 19, 2019

“Take advantage of your marketing tools.”

Tyler Daniels is a Digital Marketing Specialist here at Integris. Tyler works internally and with clients to improve digital marketing through social media, videos, podcast episodes, and website re-design.  In his interview, he discusses the best ways companies can take advantage of their marketing tools and effectively create content.

What tools should you take advantage of?

Tyler: “The base from a marketing perspective for any company would be first and foremost their website. For some companies, their websites aren’t up to date design wise. They look like they’re from the early 2000s, even the 1990s. It makes you want to click off of it right away. There are a lot of programs like WordPress, that will help you refresh your website.”

Tyler: “The next step is knowing your audience and how to reach them. And the best way to reach them is through social media. To really take advantage of it, if you put up a post, is it linking back to your website? Are you targeting people through the ads option?  You can target your demographic and the area that you want to reach out to.”

Tyler: “Those tools are all there. It’s just a matter of are you going to take the time to learn how to use them. If you do these things, having your website and going through this process of getting familiar with social media, then you’ll see the benefits of doing that.”

Tyler: “In terms of consistency, you can’t make one post in September of 2019 and then the next post you make is in September of 2020. You’re losing everyone’s attention. You’re not consistently posting things. When you’re consistent on social media and what you’re posting, they’re seeing that you care about it, that you’re actively getting content to them and building your audience. There’s really no downside to posting too much on social media.”


Documenting and creating content

Tyler: “Companies want content but they’re stumped on how to get it or create it. Pretty much for every company, the content is there. It’s just a matter of condensing it. So what we’ve seen that works is documenting everything. Whether that be an event that we hold for our clients or internally at Integris.”

Tyler: “If we record a Monday morning meeting, it may be 20 minutes. From that 20 minutes of video, we can break that down into a few clips. Also from that 20 minute video we can make a blog post that will go on our website and make a post on social media linking to that blog. Once again, drawing people to that website. It’s a domino effect when you document this content.”

Tyler: “It’s important that you do record internally because that allows whatever audience that you have to see your company culture. They’ll see what’s going on behind the scenes and get to know you personally as opposed to just knowing you as a particular service. You’re engaging them more when you post those personal things.” 

To learn more about Tyler, connect with him here on LinkedIn.

 Listen to Tyler’s full podcast episode.
Tyler Daniels is a Senior Marketing Specialist with Integris.

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