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October 10, 2019

“Don’t be afraid to dive in and learn.”

Denise Casagrande is the President/COO of PCG Digital. PCG is an award-winning Internet marketing company specializing in SEO, PPC, and social media advertising for the automotive industry among other verticals, as well as providing a dynamic blend of consulting, online training, and product research. Denise has led the Social Media department, and successfully orchestrated the PCG Digital re-brand. She has seen the growth in ad spend that clients have invested into Facebook advertising.

What do companies get wrong about social media?

Denise: “At the end of the day, humans want to buy from humans. Everybody was treating Facebook and Instagram as a billboard, or as the same way that they were treating radio or TV, and that is not what social media is. It’s its own entity in digital marketing. You can’t treat it the same way that you treat traditional.”

Denise: “It’s not just about you displaying your products constantly. It’s not just about you talking about your sales, or why your product is different than the other. It’s developing a human connection. It is so imperative to do that on social media because, again, I say humans want to buy from humans.”

Denise: “When clients sign on with us at PCG, one of the first things we’re doing before we even set up their ad account, before we even install pixel, before we even get into the nitty gritty of strategizing is we want to know who their brand is. That’s what we want to showcase on social media.”


The importance of having a niche.

Denise: “The company started primarily as an SEO focused company. Obviously, now here we are, and digital has just expanded so much whether it’s social advertising/AdWords. We do a ton of stuff with Google My Business as well. I think that it’s great that we are in a niche because it gives us something that we can hone in on and just perfect.”

Denise: “The thing with the niche is that you get to know the industry, and you get to be involved in it. I always tell the staff it’s a great network. When you are really specialized in something you’re just able to really grow your network. It’s more of quality versus quantity if you look at it.” 

Find an internal influencer.   

Denise: “One of the things that I spoke about this year was finding an internal influencer at your business. When we look at somebody like Flo from Progressive, or if we look at Ronald McDonald, those are internal influencers. We are in the age of influencers where you find somebody with 54,000 followers on Instagram, you give them monetary value in products, and then have them promote. It’s so easy to find that person inside your business who is the heart and soul.”

Denise: “One of the things that we look at is whether it’s not the general manager, we say who’s the veteran employee? They know the business inside and out. Who’s the marketing director? They’re probably comfortable already with camera equipment. They can be the internal influencer. That’s all the ways that we help them discover who that person can be. Then a lot of it is us coaching them and guiding them through it.”

Getting started on different platforms. 

Denise: “You have to dive in and not be afraid to push any of the buttons. That sounds so simple, but when somebody starts at PCG when they’re on the social media team, we open up Ads Manager and maybe they’ve never seen it before, I’m like ‘don’t be afraid to dive in and learn.’ The way that I built my career was literally being in the back-end of Ad Manager and saying to myself, ‘well, I wonder what this does?”

Denise: “We work closely with Facebook, we have great advocates and reps, but a lot of it you have to explore and do by yourself. You have to understand what’s going to work best because at the end of the day, every business is different. You really can’t always go by the book because what somebody else is doing is not going to work for you. So it’s a lot of testing. That’s one of my biggest pieces of advice.”

Budget and ROI. 

Denise: “You want to look your goals. Every campaign on Facebook has an objective. So whether you’re running your campaign for website clicks, reach, or brand awareness, you’re going to have different KPIs and that’s what you need to base your ROI off of. “

Denise: “One of the other things that Facebook recently has done that is added to the attribution model is you’re able to track button clicks on the website through your pixel. If your pixel is properly installed on the back-end of your website, you’re then able to track what buttons people are clicking.”

Denise: “The thing that Facebook is good at is that they launched campaign budget optimization for all their advertisements this year. You can put into one campaign a certain amount of money, and then test different ad sets to see what works best. This way you’re in control of deciding what money goes to what.”

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