Does Your Baltimore/Washington Law Firm Use Modern Technology?


March 4, 2013

Washington DC Legal IT

Many of the nation’s top attorneys know that technology plays an important role in how they serve clients. The great attorneys know that technology can play a major role is separating their law firm from all the others.

We learned about a law firm in Western New York using technology to make a difference with their clients. Cellino and Barnes is known across Western New York for their excellence in marketing. Their most recent commercial shown on television across Western New York demonstrates their marketing skills with their adoption of the latest technologies.

Their most recent commercial informs those looking for an injury attorney to use their cell phones to reach the law firm. When an accident occurs or even in a disaster that takes out many of the country’s communication systems, text messaging is one service that simply seems to work. By the way, almost every person now carries a cell phone capable of sending and receiving text messages.

This article is not meant to be and is not a reference for Cellino and Barnes specifically, but to draw attention to how law firms are adopting many of the leading technologies to create new experiences with clients or to provide additional services to clients.

What other technologies are the leading law firms across the country adopting? Technology, either client facing or internal can make a huge difference in a modern law firm. Remote access solutions, smartphones and other mobile solutions and case management software are just a small example of some of the technologies available to law firms today.

Is your law firm looking for a technology company who can help shed light on the latest technologies and how they can benefit your firm?

Our team of  Washington and Baltimore IT professionals can help you decide which technologies are the best for you and what you will need to ensure a successful implementation.

Call us today to book a no obligation review of your legal IT solutions and have Integris help you with all your IT support needs for your law firm.

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