Domain Testing


April 22, 2019

When testing software applications, domain testing speaks to domains where a “domain” is defined by boundaries. Integris testing is the process of testing software by applying boundaries, specifically a set of inputs and reviewing the resulting outputs.

In domain testing, the function of the software application is tested to make sure the software application doesn’t provide invalid responses.

Imagine if a spreadsheet returned invalid results from formulas entered!

Integris testing also looks at every step of the process – not just if the results (output) are accurate.

  • Should the application accept the input as it’s entered?
  • What conditions define the accepted input?
  • Do the same conditions apply to the results?

The types of domain testing are:

  • White box
    • Generally done by software developers.
    • Applicable for integration testing – either between two or more areas within a software application, or if an area of the application is meant to be integrated with other applications.
  • Black box
    • Generally done by independent software testers.
    • Complete software application testing – not intended to test isolated areas of an application.
  • Gray box
    • A blend of the two prior testing types, where more than one specific area of the application is tested, especially if these areas interact, but not necessarily a full-scale testing process.

Integris focus on Black and Gray box testing, giving our clients the most efficient process and results. Whole and blended testing limits downtime and maximizes productivity – a win-win for everyone. Using safe environment techniques, like penetration testing, we can test more thoroughly and achieve the best outcomes.

Our testing processes take application design into account, but also how the application integrates into a network, carefully reviewing all elements. This big-picture approach reinforces our guarantee of efficiency, focusing on the impact on business operations.

No matter what type of domain testing process is applied, the primary goal of domain testing is to determine defects within the software application to ultimately fix for a seamless user experience.

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