Don’t Become a Target: Avoid common passwords and keep yourself safe from hackers


November 8, 2012

IT Security

For a long time, our IT team has been urging users to avoid common passwords that can be easily hacked. However, it seems that nobody outside of our client base is listening to their advice and guidance (Our clients have security policies in place that require passwords changes on a regular occurrence .

This is probably why incidents of account hacking have been on the rise for the last few years and why more and more business are calling us to take care of their IT support and make sure their businesses are secured. As technology advances, hacking tools and strategies have become stronger, but, many businesses in the area have made no attempt to make their passwords stronger. So, they run the risk of getting hacked and losing vital information stored in their accounts.

IT security software developers at SplashData recently released a list of common passwords that are popular with hackers. Numerical passwords such as 123456 or 12345678 top the list. Password1, another favorite, is joined on the list by ninja, qwerty, password, abc123, iloveyou, 111111, sunshine, monkey, baseball, trustno1, princess, welcome and Jesus. If you are using any of these passwords, get ready for big trouble.

If you do not want to become the next victim of hacking, we strongly suggest that you change your passwords immediately. Usually, hackers try common passwords randomly while looking around in an account. Using any of these common passwords makes you an easy target.

Here are some tips for building a stronger password:

  • Use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols, which is more difficult for hackers to break.
  • Don’t use your mobile phone numbers, date of birth or house number, which might be known by others.
  • Use a case-sensitive password, which can make you even more secure against hackers.

Just search for common and weak passwords on the net—you will find a detailed list. If you find out that you’re using one, changing it is a must.

Do you have questions about your IT security?  Wondering what passwords your employees are using?  Call us today for a complimentary review of your IT security.


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