From the IT desk: A tale of two office moves


June 9, 2017

Every business owner hopes to be fortunate enough to grow, whether in revenue or in resources. With growth comes change – and a lot of times, that means a physical office change to accommodate growing numbers. At MyITpros, we’ve had to move offices three times! An office move is a huge undertaking that requires keen IT logistics, which is why we at MyITPros encourage clients to inform us of any upcoming moves. Check out these lessons learned from real IT problems experienced during office moves.

Lesson No. 1: Business moves have different time lines than residential moves

Client A signed up for monthly managed services with MyITpros, with our partnership set to begin after a move to a new office space. The client informed us that our assistance wasn’t needed before or during the move, so I finally got to meet our new client shortly after the office move was completed. The office space looked great, and I was eager to learn more about the business and its technical setup. During our discussion, I found out that the client had not reached out to an internet service provider (ISP) until about two weeks before the move. Now, this may not sound like a big deal, as residential internet service can be turned on within 24 hours, but business-class circuits can take up to 2.5 months to get connected. In the meantime, the client was faced with the prospect of working without having internet set up yet. Purely by luck (and by neighborly good graces), Client A was able to share the neighboring company’s internet, but this network connection was not ideal, secure or fast. Moreover, it was not customized to the environment, placed a lot of stress on the connection and left them open to vulnerabilities. Client A eventually got its own internet circuit set up, but not before learning a hard lesson about technical preparation for an office move.

Lesson No. 2: What seems simple is usually a lot more complicated

One afternoon, Client B called to inform me that the company no longer needed all three floors of its office. The business was going to stop renting the bottom floor, which was where its server, networking equipment and cable modem was located. I was asked to come out to the office that week to move the equipment upstairs, but before scheduling a time, I started asking logistical questions about the move. Where did the company plan on safely and securely storing all the equipment? Did the ISP activate a new coaxial connection upstairs? Was there a patch panel and cabling in place for Ethernet ports in the walls to work? The client realized there was a ton of work to be done, and that adequate preparation was required for a smooth transition and move. With that in mind, we scheduled each item in stages: I reached out the ISP to activate and test a coax port upstairs, and worked with a cabling team to ensure we could move the switch and LAN equipment. Most importantly, I prepared the office for downtime while I moved the physical equipment. The move was successful because the client consulted us ahead of time, enabling us to ask the right questions. When it comes to IT, what seems like an easy, finite task often has a lot of effects and actions associated with it, making it imperative to involve your MSP.

Ultimately, both of these clients’ moves ended successfully because MyITpros was brought in before it was too late. Whenever you have a large office project such as a move, be sure to communicate with your MSP from the jump. You’ll likely need to consider a lot of details beyond what’s on the surface – and planning for those details is our job!

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