Get your hands on the Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM: A 60 day trial now available


December 7, 2012

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project Professional is one of the most popular applications with project managers, engineers and other professionals.

Over the years, Microsoft Project has proven to be a great tool for project managers, used to plan projects and collaborate with co-workers and partners from virtually anywhere.

Since a project can include a number of interrelated and dependent tasks, it has been always a big challenge for project managers to coordinate them and keep everyone in the loop.

Microsoft Project Professional was developed for keeping projects on track, on time and on budget.

Microsoft Project is not found in the Microsoft Office Suite and must be purchased separately from other key Office apps such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and others.

Microsoft has recently announced the next generation of Microsoft Project is now available for a free trial to project managers who are wanting to try out many of the latest features of the Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM (release to manufacturing). Microsoft has recently released a 60 day trial version of this application which can be downloaded from their official site or other sources.

New features of Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM

The new Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM packs many new features and surprises. It has task-based graphic menus with familiar and essential functions and supports Microsoft Excel with the powerful Project scheduling engine.

The timeline view is revamped which gives you a better view of milestones, tasks and phases. It is also helpful since it allows you to see the right combination of resources as well as simply drag and drop them to plan tasks for any project, either large or small.

You will really love its ability to connect and collaborate. It supports Microsoft SharePoint Foundation synchronization which lets you connect your teams and get an updated status of all your tasks. It also includes Microsoft Project Server which gives you the ability of end-to-end project and portfolio management with ease.

Requirements for Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM

Before you download the 60 day Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM trial, you will need to make sure that your PC is compatible with it. You will need at least;

  • A 700 MHz processor or higher
  • At least 512 megabytes of RAM
  • 2 gigabytes (GB) available disc space
  • 1024×768 or higher resolution monitor
  • IE 8 or above, Firefox 10.x+, Safari 5 (Mac), Chrome 17.x

If you have these, you are all set for the Microsoft Project Professional 2013 RTM trial. The only downside of this RTM is that it is valid for only 60 days after which you will need to buy the license.

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