Getting your Starbucks fix with Outlook (plus 4 other cool apps)


July 1, 2016


The Microsoft Outlook free email is one of the most widely used tools in businesses across the world. Whether used as part of Office 365 or, this mighty email service is continually serving up new features, tools and fun add-ins. We went through over 80 Outlook apps and chose (in our humble opinion) some of the most fun ones.

When you’re in need of caffeine…

Meetings and coffee typically go hand and hand – and now anyone with Office 365 or the new can get their java fix while maintaining productivity. The new Starbucks for Outlook app lets you schedule meetings at your favorite Starbucks location directly from your email.

  1. Select “Meet at Starbucks” from the meeting request ribbon.
  2. Enter a location in the add-in on the right side of the meeting request.
  3. Select the location from the map, or scroll down and choose it from the list.
  4. Click “Select Store” and the store address will be inserted into the meeting invitation. Now you’re ready to talk numbers while sipping on a “pink drink” from the secret menu!

Another tip: This app also allows you to buy and send Starbucks eGift cards!

When you’re wondering where your package is…

There’s nothing worse than sitting at work wondering if that pair of shoes you ordered for the weekend will arrive in time. With the FedEx package tracker app, a free download for Outlook and, you can work anxiety-free. As soon as you receive a shipping email, you will see the Package Tracker at the top of the message. Simply click to review the progress of your package!

Outlook Apps Fedex Tracker

When you owe money…

Whether you’re paying bills or buying birthday gifts, you can manage your payments directly through your Outlook account. PayPal’s electronic payment system has a free add-in for Outlook and that allows you to simply download the app, open it in Outlook, choose a friend and send money using an auto-filled email address from your contacts!


If you’re Irish (or into Gaelic sports)…

Keeping track of your favorite Gaelic sports game, be it hurling or football, has become so much easier thanks to Outlook. With the Gaelic Athletic Association’s free fixtures app, which is compatible with Outlook 2013 or later (and, you are able to pull inter-county sports schedules directly into your Office 365 calendar!Simply create a new appointment on your calendar, click the GAA fixtures button and search by either county or code. Then select the games you want to add to your calendar!


If you’re an avid lover of GIFs…

We live in a visual world, and everyone loves spicing up an email with a well-chosen meme or GIF. Giphy has enabled users to search, find and insert GIFs directly into Outlook emails. You can quickly look through a curated list of daily trending GIFs, or peruse the dozens of categories. When you find the perfect one, just click to insert it directly into your email!


If you’re looking for all the latest apps to enhance your Microsoft Office experience, check out the Office Store. There, you can browse by Microsoft product (i.e. Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint), or by category. Excuse me know while I go email a GIF to my co-workers about our meeting scheduled at Starbucks…!

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