Google Fiber Is Coming!


December 5, 2016

For the past few years, Google has been expanding its Google Fiber service in Atlanta and surrounding communities. In every location where it adds services, businesses gain access to Internet speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. As an avid supporter of accelerated technologies, Integris® became a Google partner in 2016, and we will be offering Google Fiber to our customers as soon as it is available in their areas. To see when Google Fiber is coming to you, click here.

What Does Fiber Mean for Businesses?

Google Fiber’s blazing-fast speeds can do more for businesses than speed up Internet access for traditional functions, such as checking email or using web-based software like Office 365. An Internet connection is like a pipeline, and the bigger it is, the more traffic it can handle. Very large pipes—what we in the industry call “high bandwidth”—confer amazing benefits:

  • Organizations can take advantage of cloud services that exchange very large amounts of data quickly, such as the cloud-based data imaging that streamlines backup and minimizes data loss in the event of a disaster.
  • Companies can run, from the cloud, resource-intensive applications such as high-definition video conferencing, 3-D modeling and rendering, and other activities involving very large files.
  • Business leaders can eliminate the expense of replacing on-site servers by deploying cloud servers for their data, and employees can open and exchange files extremely quickly.
  • Firms enjoy increased reliability, because more bandwidth means systems can route around interference or data drops on the network.
  • In large facilities, employees will not experience a drop in signal strength if connections are far from the main access point.
  • Connections support “symmetric speed”—equal upload and download speeds. This productivity booster enables employees to perform large uploads while they are downloading, for example, uploading files while streaming a training video.
  • With fiber, organizations can have a “static” (unchanging) IP address, which is required for certain advanced Internet systems.
  • Fiber service is more secure than other Internet connections, because it cannot be tapped to access data or the organizations that are exchanging it. The only way to penetrate fiber Internet is to physically cut the fibers, which causes the signal to disappear.

Business leaders that haven’t yet explored Google Fiber, owe it to themselves and their businesses to check it out. At Integris we are excited about the future and look forward to discussing the possibilities with our customers and business neighbors.

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