Happy Birthday USMC


November 10, 2018

Every year, the United States Marine Corps Birthday is celebrated with a cake-cutting ceremony and a traditional ball on November 10th. This event celebrates the establishment of the Continental Marines on November 10th, 1775.

Marine saluting

Many Marines have become to view November 10th, the birthday of the United States Marine Corps, as their second birthday. This tradition runs very deep. Marines often wish each other “Happy Birthday” on November 10th and attend Marine Corps Birthday Balls, which are held in many cities across the globe. On this day, the Commandant of the Corps reads a “Birthday Message” to the Marines. The purpose of the birthday message is to contemplate the legacy of the Corps and the responsibilities that all Marines must honor.


For about three thousand years, fighting men have served as infantry to secure harbors and land bases and as boarding parties to launch attacks on other ships. The Royal Marines was formed in 1664 as the Maritime Regiment of Foot.

About 100 years later, a Continental Congress committee in the American Colonies met in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to create a resolution calling for two Marine battalions to fight on shore and at sea for independence. The U.S. Congress passed “An Act for Establishing and Organizing a Marine Corps” on July 11, 1778. The Congress approved the resolution on November 10, 1775.

Is Marine Corps Birthday a Public Holiday?

The Marine Corps Birthday is not considered a public holiday. This year, it falls on a Saturday and the vast majority of businesses in the United States will follow regular opening hours.

Internal Celebration

Personnel, veterans, and other people associated with the Marine Corps celebrate this day. Usually, this day is celebrated with a birthday cake, a formal dinner, and entertainment at a Marine Corps Birthday Ball. The very first Marine Corps Birthday Ball was held in 1925.

Revolutionary Result

On this day in 1775, the US Marine Corps began under the name of the Continental Marines when the Second Continental Congress ordered two Marine battalions to serve with the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War. Both the Continental Navy and the Marines were dismantled after the war. However, eventually, the Marine Corps was re-established formally due to increasing conflict with France.

US Marine Corps Today

The United States Marine Corps is the combined-arms task force on the air, on land, and at sea for the US Armed Forces. The US Marines Corps has more than 180,000 active duty personnel and 40,000 personnel in the Reserve for the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps Reserve is the biggest command in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Undoubtedly, the Marine Corps Birthday is a special day for hundreds of thousands of Marines across the globe. For more information about the United States Marine Corps Birthday and how this day is celebrated, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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