Healthcare and Cybersecurity: Benefits of Cybersecurity in Healthcare


July 11, 2022

If you work in healthcare, your patients’ health and safety are usually top of mind. But did you know that while you’re worrying about how to help your clients live the healthiest lives possible, you should also be worried about their cybersecurity? Thanks to the complexity of many healthcare businesses and the importance of healthcare in general, this department is often left vulnerable to cybersecurity issues.

Often, healthcare patients are at high risk when it comes to cyberattacks. After all, if someone hacks a healthcare system, they have access to crucial medical information, payment numbers, and other sensitive data. In the blog below, we’ll discuss healthcare and cybersecurity, and how to best protect your business’ tech.. If you’re a professional working in healthcare, you’ll want to consider this information to keep your patients safe. 


Safe Keep Your Patients’ Information

One of the most valuable assets for your company is the patient information you carry in your system. Not only does it help keep your organization in the know about what your patient is facing, but it also helps your patient monitor their own health. These days, most of the resources that keep your patient information organized are either  done online or transferred online. Unfortunately, that also means that all of that is up for grabs if someone were to hack your system. Your patients don’t want their sensitive data in the hands of someone they don’t know, let alone someone trying to use it for their benefit. 

When you follow healthcare cybersecurity solutions, you safeguard all of that information. That means even if someone does attempt to hack you, they won’t be able to access any of that data. Keeping data out of reach from cyberattacks is one of the top benefits of cybersecurity in healthcare. We believe it’s the main reason you should have cybersecurity in mind when it comes to your healthcare business. 


Avoid Stolen Credit Cards: Save Patients’ Payment Data

Not only is your patient’s sensitive data vulnerable during cyberattacks, so is the payment information used to pay bills or cover visits. If someone were to hack your system successfully, they may be take advantage of the payment information of your patients. That’s a liability for you and your company, meaning you might be more at risk for lawsuits or recovery compensation. Prevent all of this worry from happening in the first place with healthcare cybersecurity solutions. 


Keep Trust and Morale High

Think about a cyberattack from your patient’s perspective. Suppose they see their healthcare professionals undergo a cyberattack and lose patient data. In that case, their trust in their provider may diminish significantly. If they can’t trust them with their information, how can they trust them with their health? One of the benefits of cybersecurity in healthcare is keeping your patient morale high. Your clients will continue to trust and believe in you. In addition, your ability to safeguard client information and keep away cyberattacks can attract new patients. 


Secure All Organizational Assets

Depending on how large your healthcare organization is, you might have multiple buildings, departments, and doctors to juggle. That means all of the valuable information mentioned grows exponentially in size, making your business a valuable target for cybersecurity attacks. Even worse, all of those moving parts make it easy for something to slip between the cracks. You have to share data across doctors and buildings sometimes. If you aren’t doing it through encrypted emails, you are at risk of an easy cyber attack. One of the benefits of cybersecurity in healthcare is that you never have to worry about exposing all your network. 


The Creation of HIPAA Means More Responsibility For You

HIPAA, otherwise known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was created in 1996 as the digital world took off. They are a set of laws focused entirely on keeping patients’ information safe. The rules focus on three areas (administrative, physical security, and technical security) to keep your patients’ data safe. Compliance a primary focus in healthcare and cybersecurity. 

HIPAA can be complicated and cumbersome to learn. That’s why hiring a professional healthcare cybersecurity services company ensures your organization follows HIPAA best practices. Not only does following HIPAA keep your patients safe, it keeps you and your business out of trouble. 


Stay Focused On What Truly Matters: Healthcare

You’ve got a lot going on. Taking care of thousands of patients is no easy thing and takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. The last thing you want to do is spend any of that precious attention on clinical and administrative stuff, like cybersecurity. But to keep the above benefits for you and your company, you have to. 

Hiring a cybersecurity solutions company takes all of the work from healthcare and cybersecurity. It puts the responsibility on someone you can trust. That way, you get the best of both worlds: top-notch cybersecurity for your company while all your time and focus is spent on your patients. 


Work with IT Experts in Healthcare and Cybersecurity

You’re running a healthcare business. You have so much to worry about, and as we discussed above, with so many moving parts, it might be easy to let healthcare cybersecurity solutions fall to the wayside. But if you do that, you’re putting your business and your patients at severe risk. Your patient data could be hacked, you might lose all the trust with clients you’ve worked hard to gain, and you could face expensive lawsuits. That’s why hiring a business focused solely on cybersecurity services, like Integris, are the best step for you, your patients, and your business. 

At Integris, we genuinely believe in all of the benefits of cybersecurity in healthcare. Our managed cybersecurity services ensure your patient’s data remains secure so that you can stay focused on doing what you do best. If you’re interested in working with our team, contact our managed IT support team today.

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