HIPAA Risk Assessments


January 12, 2013

HIPAA Risk Analysis

Security breaches and HIPAA violations are on the rise across the country with over 60,000 small healthcare data breaches reported in the past three years. Starting in 2013, the HSS Office for Civil Rights is setting their sights on ensuring single doctor practices and smaller healthcare organizations adhere to HIPAA compliance and security guidelines.

Our company is here to help you by ensuring you steer clear of hefty fines when a data breach occurs. Stolen laptops, unauthorized access and many other data breaches must be reported and they will be followed up by the HHS. Are you prepared?

In a recent example, a hospice in Hayden, Idaho (suburb of Coeur D’Alene) was ordered to pay a settlement of $50,000 because the organization failed to have a HIPAA mandated Risk Analysis done to safeguard and protect health information and patient records.

We can help you by ensuring your healthcare organization has the required risk analysis completed and all the required safeguards in place to protect patient information, your reputation and your balance sheet.

How we conduct our healthcare HIPAA risk analysis:

  • Identify the scope of the analysis
  • Gather data
  • Identify and document potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Assess current security measures
  • Determine the likelihood of threat occurrence
  • Determine the potential impact of threat occurrence
  • Determine the level of risk
  • Identify security measures and finalize documentation
  • Develop and implement a risk management plan
  • Implement security measures
  • Evaluate and maintain security measures

The EHR Incentive Program and the HIPAA Security Rule do not mandate how the risk analysis and updates are done, however, having a trusted healthcare IT support provider like our team is the best choice.

The risk analysis and risk management process needs to be conducted at the beginning of the EHR reporting period and you must report that you have completed this analysis to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or to State officials as well as any correction action being taken to eliminate security deficiencies found during the risk analysis.

Contact us today to book your HIPAA risk analysis and take the steps required to protect your patient information and your practice.

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