How One Atlanta Nonprofit Went from Survivor to Strategic Force


February 16, 2018

When Agape Youth and Family Center was introduced to Integris, they were in the process of planning to move from a subleased space into an all-new facility that would allow them to better serve a much larger segment of Atlanta’s underserved children and their families.  They were also uncoupling from a shared technology platform with a larger nonprofit who was being supported by another managed IT services provider. It was time to go out on their own and Integris had 6 months to make sure the entire IT plan was clearly articulated, strategy-specific, budget-based, attainable and designed for flexibility and growth.
Recognizing the need for a managed IT services partner who had experience working with Atlanta nonprofits and the necessary depth of expertise to support their mission, Agape engaged Integris as a strategic partner. Providyn not only assisted in the move to a larger facility that would allow them to provide safe, supervised school-aged programs year-round and mentor children from elementary school through high school years; they also ensured a seamless transition for both Apape employees and the vulnerable populations they serve.
Technology is often the key that allows a nonprofit organization to switch out of survival mode into thinking and operating more strategically. As we do with all of our clients, we started Agape with a Strategic Business Review (SBR) to determine their goals and budget. We then used those findings to develop a unique technology plan that would allow them to achieve their objectives within the stated budget.
Agape just opened its new 35,000-square-foot facility where they can serve up to 500 children over the next 10 years. They also have a strategic plan in place to ensure their technology supports their mission and goals – now and in the future.
Here are 3 steps Agape took with Providyn to serve more of Atlanta’s underserved families and youth:

  1. Implemented a strategic plan

We established quarterly and annual planning sessions with Agape’s internal and external stakeholders and partners to ensure that we had a clear understanding of their goals and that they were presented with all of the options that could help them achieve their dreams of expanding their reach within the community. This also allowed us to understand Agape’s budget and their challenges, as well as specific initiatives in the near and long-term future.

  1. Leveraged technology to empower and support underserved families in the community:

Providyn sourced the right technologies at an affordable price to help Agape open their new facility and expand their services to transform more children’s lives in the Atlanta area. We take pride in leveraging our relationships with our vendors to acquire specialized advanced technology that our nonprofit clients can use to advance their mission.
Many platforms targeted to nonprofits are popular not because they are the most functional or the most affordable but because they are the best known. In fact, these platforms may not be the best solutions. At Integris, we understand the needs of nonprofits and tailor solutions accordingly.

  1. Worked with a partner who has experience with Atlanta nonprofits

Providyn believes in being strategically aligned with your organization’s mission and not just an IT company that comes in and fixes what is broken. Through our ability to work at a strategic level with nonprofits, we are able to contribute our knowledge of technology to the greater good of our city and the multiple communities that make up the metro Atlanta area.
Volunteer IT staff or low-cost break-fix IT providers maintain technology on a reactive basis. They don’t provide insights that help nonprofits fulfill their mission or expand their reach.
We believe that if we can help organizations like Agape Family & Youth Center look at available innovations and future needs, then IT is serving their mission.
So far, Agape Youth and Family Center has seen great results such as:

  • Expanded service capabilities and reach based on a mission-driven strategic plan
  • Better management of volunteers and donors
  • High-performing, streamlined technology systems
  • More effective data security
  • Predictable IT expenditures

How to get started
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