How To Determine The Best Email Solution For Your Business


July 11, 2014


A number of our clients are start-ups and begin from square one with their IT, which means they want our help selecting the best email solution for their business.

Some people may use the term messaging to include things beyond email, like chat and instant messenger. But the most important element of the decision is email.

The first step is to determine if a hosted email provider or on premise solution is best for your business.

On Premise Email Solutions

Microsoft Exchange is by far the most common on premise solution. It controls about 85 percent of the on premise market share.

Your business will benefit from an on premise email solutions when:

  • Capital expenses are preferred over operational expenses.
  • The server will be used more the five years.
  • You prefer to own software and hardware outright.
  • A line of business application works better with an on premise solution.
  • Business applications only work with Exchange.
  • Flexible storage and specific security are desired.

The biggest downside to an on premise email solution is the maintenance cost for the server and software.

Hosted Email Solutions

Hosted Exchange and Google mail are the most common business hosted email solutions. In addition, there are some free options with ISP/webmail solutions.

Your business will benefit from a hosted email solution if you prefer:

  • Predictable monthly cost.
  • Better uptime.
  • Easy and immediate startup.
  • Instant backups and redundancy.

However, these solutions come in packages so there isn’t as much flexibility with security or features.

Consider Calendar and Contact Features

Conducting proper research related to the calendar and contact features for each email solution is important when selecting the most appropriate.
Often a business is forced to switch to another solution when a vital calendar or contact feature is discovered to be omitted.  You should also consider if one email solution’s contacts/calendar best integrates with your software.

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