Iconic IT 2020 Pandemic Impact Survey: Congratulate the Winners and See the Results


October 19, 2020

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Integris 2020 “How Have IT Strategies Evolved to Meet the Challenges of the Pandemic” survey. View the results of the survey and see how your business compares. 

Survey participants were entered into a drawing for various prizes. The grand prize winner of the drone was Michael Hale of Kansas Joint and Spine Specialists in Wichita, Kansas. Kansas Joint and Spine Specialists are committed to delivering the exceptional bone, joint, and muscle care patients need to make today theirs.  

Our first and second runners-up each won a $50 Amazon gift card.  Our first runner-up is Holly Dutcher of Rochester’s nonprofit agency, C.U.R.E Childhood Cancer  C.U.R.E. focuses on addressing the social, emotional, financial, and educational needs of families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer or chronic blood disorders. 

Our second runner-up is Lisa Fellers of Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth, a non-profit organization that focuses on empowering individuals who are blind through superior training, meaningful employment and specialized client services so that they lead full lives with the highest level of independence and quality of life. 

What Was the Survey About? 

Small to medium-sized businesses are facing challenges never seen before as they struggle to keep up with new demands on their networks and IT infrastructure within their organizations.  The pandemic has shifted conventional workspaces outside of the office with unexpected consequences, such as rising IT costs, a decrease in connectivity, a perceived loss of productivity, and increased cybersecurity demands. 

From cybersecurity concerns to uncertainty about the future of their offices, business owners weighed in on the concerns and challenges most affecting their businesses in today’s modern workplace with Integris’s Pandemic Impact Survey

How Have Small to Medium-Sized Businesses’ IT Budgets Evolved Over the Last Six Months? 

50% of companies surveyed feel their IT budgets have been unaffected by the changing economy within the last six months, while 25% found their budgets have increased.  25% of those surveyed reported their IT budgets have decreased during the past six months. 

Many businesses stated that they have significant concerns with their IT Networks including: 

  • 24% cited a need to tighten their cybersecurity strategies 
  • 19% needed to improve network speed and reliability 
  • 9% expressed concerns with their IT budget 
  • 28% of respondents indicated equal concerns with cybersecurity, reliability, and budgeting. 
  • 15% of those surveyed stated they had no immediate concerns with the current state of their network. 
  • Surprisingly, only 5% indicated a concern with their workforce transitioning permanently to remote work. 

How Do Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Envision their Workplaces in the Future? 

Of those companies surveyed, 41% of organizations envision a full return to the office for workers while 49% are considering a hybrid telecommuting/office work model.  Another 9% of respondents don’t have a clear vision of what their organization’s revised employee office/remote policies will be, and 10% are considering keeping operations remote. 

How Effective do Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Feel their IT Strategies Currently Are? 

63% of companies surveyed feel that their current IT strategies are good, with 23% considering their IT strategies to be only average.  Just under 13% feel their IT strategies are below average and in need of improvement while another 1% are unsure about the effectiveness of their platforms. 

How Many Organizations Outsource their IT Solutions? 

Most organizations have an internal IT department, with 65% keeping their IT in-house. 35% of those surveyed rely on outside sources for their IT needs. 

What Percentage of Organizations Rely on Microsoft 365? 

The pandemic impact survey proved what we already knew: Microsoft 365 is a clear and consistent choice for cloud services, with 68% of respondents relying on the powerhouse platform for all services such as email, Teams, and other applications. 16% of organizations use Microsoft 365 for email only, and 16% don’t use it within their company at all. 

How Many Businesses Depend on Cloud Strategies for Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions? 

77% of businesses surveyed rely on cloud services for their backup and disaster recovery solutions. 23% of respondents do not use cloud strategies or were unsure about what platform, if any, they are using for their backup and disaster recovery strategies. 

What are Businesses looking for in an MSP According to the Pandemic Impact Survey? 

75% considered excellent help desk services to be a number one priority in looking for an MSP, with price and reputation following closely behind.  

Diverse IT services and the ability to provide co-managed services alongside a business’ existing IT department were also valuable metrics for companies seeking a new MSP. 

Integris will Be Your Guide 


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