Iconic IT Names Community Healthcare of Texas for its 2020 DFW Nonprofit Champion Award


July 20, 2021

As part of its commitment to serving customers in the nonprofit space, Integris has named Community Healthcare of Texas as its winner for the 2020 DFW Nonprofit Champion Award, given each year in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. After reviewing dozens of community nominations, the award was given to Community Healthcare of Texas for its extraordinary efforts to offer whole-family support and hospice care to patients with terminal illness. As part of the award, the organization was given a donation of much-needed computer equipment from Integris, as well as a trophy for the good work they do. 


About the Winner: Community Healthcare of Texas

Community Healthcare of Texas is the largest not-for-profit provider of hospice care in the state of Texas, with office locations in Cleburne, Dallas, Fort Worth, Mexia, Waco and Whitney. Together they provide full-family hospice and related care services to a 25-county area, making them a wonderful candidate for the 2020 Nonprofit Champion Award. 

Community Healthcare is different, first, because it’s not-for-profit. Second, because it offers care for both terminally ill pediatric and adult patients. And third, because they provide a continuum of care that ranges from in-home care, to telehealth, to hospice assistance in a nursing home/assisted living environment.  

If more intensive care is needed, Community Healthcare of Texas has its own hospice care centers that allow patients to be cared for in a homelike environment, while still receiving the additional medical attention they need. 

And the care Community Healthcare provides goes far beyond just the care for the patient. They work with the whole family, providing caregiver advocacy, respite care and counseling during a patient’s terminal illness, and family counseling and services for up to a year after a patient’s passing. Hospice services are covered in full by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans with little or no expense to the patient.  

The fundraising Community Healthcare does helps to provide services for patients who are uninsured or otherwise have difficulty paying for services. Currently, they’ve raised a total of $20 million to help cover unfunded patient care expenses. 

About the Integris Nonprofit Partner Award

Integris in the Dallas Fort Worth designed the DFW Nonprofit Champion Award to recognize local nonprofits for the good they do within the community. Initially, the award was given to nonprofits that Integris Dallas Fort Worth employees were directly involved in, either by working with the organizations or receiving help from them. 

However, as interest in the program has grown, Iconic began accepting nominations from the community at large. The winners are chosen in the spring for the year prior. HOPE Farm was chosen in June 2020 for its service throughout 2019, and Community Healthcare of Texas was chosen in July 2021 the 2020 DFW Nonprofit Champion Award. 

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