I’m Compliant! – So Why Did I Get Hacked?


November 2, 2016

Defeating the compliancy=security myth.

So, I’m driving down the road – following every law that has been put in place by my local and state governments. I stop at every red light, stay well under the speed limit, and use my turn signals. Does this ensure that I’m not going to get into a traffic accident?

No! Of course not…

Why? Because the “rules of the road” only keep you safe if everyone is following the rules, the road conditions are perfect, your car is running well, and nothing unusual occurs.

“Nothing unusual occurs…” – Does that sound like real life to you?

Not at all! In real life, unusual things happen all the time! The road conditions are not always optimal, and the other drivers speed, drive recklessly, and cut you off.

That’s reality.

So, even if you’re considered a great driver… WHAM! You’re in an accident.

Compliance isn’t all that much different. The legislation was formulated to keep patient information confidential and, by extension, keep your business safe. And it all looks good on paper. But legislation put together by lawyers and career politicians doesn’t take into account the other drivers on the road – the hackers. They don’t follow the “rules of the road”, and are bent on creating havoc within your healthcare business.

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Why isn’t compliancy the same thing as comprehensive security?

  • Legislation cannot keep up with technology advancements.
  • Checking a “compliancy” box narrows the focus of security and ignores vulnerabilities elsewhere.
  • Using legislation as your security blueprint is like obeying the rules of the road without paying attention to what the other drivers are doing. You are compliant, but danger is driving beside you.

Often, the compliancy=security myth allows the business owner to be lulled into a false sense of security. The business leader thinks that they are safe because the government is happy. Unfortunately, if you haven’t looked at every part of your system and assessed it for vulnerabilities, your business is not automatically safe and secure.

The government’s concern in legislation is for the safety and privacy of personal healthcare information – not for the safety and security of your business. Therefore, the rules that are in place are too narrowly focused to sufficiently cover every nuanced segment of your company’s security posture.

Don’t drive your business down the information superhighway without some defensive driving! The Integris team can help to take your business from compliancy to the next level – comprehensive cybersecurity.

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