Inside MyITpros’ (not so) secret weapon: The managed business review


July 14, 2017

In today’s world, there are a million and one options for communicating with clients. At MyITpros, we believe one of the best ways to have a true, meaningful and substantial conversation is via a one-on-one meeting facilitated through something we call a managed business review (MBR). MBRs are specialized meetings we hold with clients once or twice a year, and they play a major role in how we maintain client communication and satisfaction. Basically, MBRs give us a chance to check in with you.

MBRs are attended by the client, the account manager and a senior member of the service team. We center these meetings on the following questions:

What is the status of the client’s IT assets?

Simply put, an IT asset review is an in-depth look at everything tech-related, including your company’s desktop and laptop computers, servers, switches, wireless networks, firewalls and more! For computers and laptops, we examine make and model, operating system type, purchase date, expiration date and serial number. If we notice any pending or passed expiration dates, we will bring these to your attention.

What is the status of the client’s network?

When we review the status of your network, we consider the following five categories:

  • Backups: Servers, desktops, laptops, NAS and any hosted services.
  • Security: Antivirus, anti-malware, content-filtering, anti-spam and encryption services.
  • Equipment: Servers, desktops, laptops, firewalls, switches, wireless access, phones, printers, wiring and UPS/power management.
  • Software: Operating systems, email hosting, line-of-business applications and Microsoft Office licensing.
  • Miscellaneous: Anything that isn’t covered by the above categories.

Your account manager will include pertinent comments about issues, concerns and suggested fixes for every single item. This review is an important part of an MBR because it highlights any possible weaknesses, pain points and areas for improvement. For example, one of our clients had an outdated, over-capacity server that was on the brink of failing, but the crisis was averted because of an MBR!

What has the client spent on IT in the last 12 months?

When we assess IT spending, we look at costs associated with shared infrastructure, cloud resale products, software, hardware, managed services and more. If you spent money on it, we’ll go over it.

What is the client likely to spend on IT in the next 12 months? Any new projects/potential changes?

Using the findings from the technology review and the 12-month IT spend analysis, you and your account manager discuss future projects and changes. If you want to upgrade an aging server, revamp your Wi-Fi, add encryption or change your number of Office 365 licenses, now is the time to bring that up.

How are we doing?

Before your MBR, we ask you to send out a satisfaction survey to all end users, with the objective of gauging how the members of your organization are feeling about our services. This is also an opportunity to include any notes (positive or negative) that will help us tailor our service to fit your needs.

Everything that occurs during the MBR is noted, and follow-up items (scheduling a subsequent meeting, starting a project, adding services, etc.) are assigned to an appropriate staff member for review and completion. Six months down the line, we’ll reach out to you about conducting another MBR, and the cycle starts all over again!

Holding MBRs is important to MyITpros because we want to keep a constant line of communication open as a way to ensure your needs are being met and you are satisfied with our services. We strive to conduct regular MBRs with every single one of our clients, and we look forward to having one with you!

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