How the Internet Explorer Bug Affects Your Business


May 2, 2014

You may have heard that the Department of Homeland Security announced that using Internet Explorer exposes you to a bug, which gives hackers access to your machine. Much like other bugs, a hacker can gain access to your computer if you click on a malicious link via email, Facebook or any other site.

Obviously this can make your business data on all employee computers vulnerable to hackers.

Below are some ways to advise your employees or coworkers to secure office machines.

Download Google Chrome or Firefox

This may be the simplest solution for some users. However, many businesses use hosted software, which requires the use of Internet Explorer, so this may not be a reasonable option.

If Your Line of Business Applications Require Internet Explorer:

Disable Adobe Flash

If your users disable the Flash plug-in, the bug cannot travel through Flash downloads.

Download a Different Version of IE

Though all versions are affected, IE9 and IE10 are being targeted.

Click With Caution

As with other bugs, the best defense is to be cautious with suspicious links. If the source of the link is questionable, either browse directly to the website by typing in the address in the address bar, or doing a search for it.

Looking Ahead

Network security service is essential in order to protect your business. For example, our Advanced Endpoint Security (AES) service includes OpenDNS, which does a great job of identifying and stopping these types of attacks before they spread. You should discuss how to protect your business from similar bugs with your IT service provider.

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