Is Your IT Provider Communicating With You?


May 31, 2016

We have said it before – there isn’t much that is more dangerous than an unresponsive and uncommunicative IT provider.


When you’re entrusting a company to take care of your technology needs, you’re not just counting on them to set you up with IT solutions and then disappear: you should be relying on ongoing support and regular updates, including education regarding the latest threats and IT trends.  In other words, proactive support as opposed to reactive support.

Integris is dedicated to building long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships that include continuous communication. We understand how hectic your schedule can get, but we also know how crucial it is that your IT systems are regularly evaluated and updated, and that you’re always kept in the loop.

Ongoing Strategy and Support

The road to building and maintaining a strong and effective IT infrastructure isn’t just a one-time thing. There are new threats emerging every single day – like cybercriminals continuously making ransomware more complex and harder to detect.

As your IT partner, it is our responsibility to ensure that your security solutions are updated and in line with the current threat landscape. It is also our responsibility to make sure that you know how to avoid threats like ransomware and what steps your staff can take to stay safe.

Education is a huge part of this, which is why we invest time in keeping you up-to-date and informed. Plus, whenever you reach out our team is eager to answer any questions and address your IT-related concerns.

With ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and support, we keep communication open to ensure you’re never in the dark when it comes to your technology. We make certain:

  • You’re always utilizing your IT solutions to their fullest potential to meet and exceed goals.
  • Your team is always aware of any vulnerabilities or potential risks.
  • Business continuity strategies are discussed and updated regularly so that your staff knows exactly how to react if a disaster hits.
  • Your technology is always updated and optimized for your success.

Don’t settle for an IT provider who sets you up with solutions and then disappears. Maximize your productivity, ROI, and peace of mind with a reliable and communicative partnership with Integris. Reach out to our team of technology professionals at [email protected] or (888) 330-8808.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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