Is Your IT Company Ready for the Long Haul?


February 13, 2020

Is Your IT Company Ready for the Long Haul?

There is a huge benefit in choosing partners that intend on working with you for the long haul. Consider these tips before hiring a new tech solutions company.  

When finding vendors to work with your company, you likely choose organizations that either has a good reputation or offer quality service at an affordable price. But are you thinking about the future and do you really see yourself utilizing them after a few months?

There is a huge benefit in selecting partners that intend on working with you for years to come instead of just on a one time or a few months basis. Here is what you need to consider before hiring a new tech solutions company.

Do You Know Where Your Company is Headed in Terms of Tech?

Before we can discuss why it is important to choose an IT company for the long haul, you have to have an eye on the future for your own tech goals. Where do you want your company to be in terms of computer systems within the next five years? Do you expect to be using the same equipment or will the needs of your firm continue to evolve as you grow?

Having a clear vision for where you want your company’s technology to be in two, five, and even ten years is important. While your goals might adjust as time passes, knowing a basic idea of where you want to be means you will be able to find an IT company that offers comparative services or has the knowledge to make these goals happen. These are all things that need to be kept in mind when hiring a new technology partner.

Not All IT Companies Have What It Takes for Multi-Year Planning

Furthermore, not all companies have what it takes for multi-year planning. Some have only been in business a few years and are still trying to get their own footing on how to grow. Others simply don’t offer a comprehensive technology plan that covers everything you need to make your business thrive.

Thus, it is important to thoroughly review anyone you are considering before signing any contracts or making any long-term decisions. Make sure they’ve considered the opportunity to work with your organization on a permanent basis and that they are willing to offer perks for you doing so.

Planning and Budgeting for the Future

Another area you need to consider is multi-year budgets. While some tech solutions providers only offer immediate pricing, those who want to forge a permanent relationship with your company should be open to the idea of multi-year pricing. Essentially, this means that they allow you to lock in your rate and keep the same plan from one year to the next. This can range from an agreement that spans two, three, five, or more years as long as you continue to work together. With the rising cost of information technology services, having a contract like this in place can be one of the easiest ways to save money for the future.

What All of This Means to You

In conclusion, it is important to realize that everything we’ve mentioned here means to you. Finding an IT company that is committed to working with you in the future is imperative. Failure to so could mean having to switch firms halfway through a project or worse—during an issue that leaves your systems in an inoperable state.

At Integris, we’re here to help your business with technology solutions now and in the future. Please contact us today to learn more about how our team of dedicated IT professionals can help take the tech side of your business where you need it to be.

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